Average American watches over 34 hours of Television a week

The average American watched 34 hours and 39 minutes of television per week during the final three months of 2010 according to a recent State of the Media report by the Nielsen company.

The ratings giant said that American Seniors (Adults 65+) watched the most television heaviest, a whopping 47 hours and 33 minutes per week, followed by adults 50-64 who watched 43 hours per week.

Teenagers who are often accused of watching too much television watched an average of 23 hours and 41 minutes per week.

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The report also finds that time-shifting continues to be a significant factor in how consumers watch TV, with 38 percent of all U.S. TV households now own a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Adults 35-49 now timeshift just over 3 hours of television a week.

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One Response to “Average American watches over 34 hours of Television a week”
  1. glen says:

    I don’t find that many shows that I like to want to watch television for 34 plus hours per week. Food for thought – most people work 35 to 40 hours per week.