Nokia N8 now available from Rogers

Nokia N8 - $450 from Rogers Wireless

The Nokia N8, a Symbian based Smartphone, is now available in Canada from Rogers Wireless.

Features of the new device which is powered by an ARM 11 680 MHz processor include: 16GB of internal memory; a 3.5″ 360 x 640 pixel colour touchscreen; a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics; Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity; USB port, GPS; FM radio and short range transmitter; and TV out via HDMI connection.

A MicroSD card slot capable of accepting a 32GB SD card is also available for additional storage. Additional software applications are also available from the OVI store.

The Nokia N8 is available now from Rogers Wireless for $450 with discounts when signing up for multi-year voice and data plans.

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4 Responses to “Nokia N8 now available from Rogers”
  1. Herry69 says:

    why would anyone want anything from rogers ? rogers and bell must cease to exist. these corporations have been ripping people off for decades. i don’t know why these parasites are still here. a reminder; the world is in a recession mainly because of corporate greed. the worlds economy will NOT improve with these greedy companies operating as if nothing has happened at all. it’s greed folks. greed effing greed !!!

    • Toe Jammer says:

      Thats a good point but nobodys forcing you to buy it from them for 450. Instead you can bur it for 600 from amazon or ebay

  2. Rohit says:

    Nokia N8 is a very atractive mobile. I like Nokia n8.

  3. says:

    Rogers keep crashing when you select the Nokia N8 phone. Must be a gimmick cuz they have not fixed it for weeks,