Dell Streak now available from Rogers

The Dell Streak, a smartphone tablet PC from Dell that uses the Android operating system, is now available from Rogers Wireless.

Features of the device include: a 1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250 processor; Android OS 1.6; a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution; two cameras, a 5MP one with dual-LED flash on the back and a VGA-resolution one on the front for video calling; built-in GPS; WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity; and a MicroSD card slot.

“The Dell Streak represents an innovative offering, giving customers the next-generation experience of a tablet with the portability and connectivity of a smartphone.” said Rogers Raj Doshi.

Rogers says the Dell Streak will support over-the-air updates including Android OS upgrades, Adobe Flash 10.1, and video chat applications enhancements.

The Dell Streak is available now from Rogers Wireless for $600 with discounts when signing up for multi-year voice and data plans.

Dell Streak available from Rogers Wireless - $600

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5 Responses to “Dell Streak now available from Rogers”
  1. Andre says:

    No they are not…Went to 3 different stores in the last 2 days and none have any idea on when they will even be getting them…I was told to order online! What a joke…I don’t have a credit card and have the money to buy it cash or even put it on a plan however can’t seem to get one…Any ideas?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have done the same, i suggest just asking the store people to look in the system (it is there now) and order one in for you. Mine is arriving Tuesday at my local store. The website is great but last time i got a new phone online it took 3 weeks to get it…

    • John says:

      I called rogers earlier today (Friday) they said they would have them for sure soon. You never know with rogers but dell is usually pretty good so they should push it into rogers very soon. I personally order one from dell today becuase I dont want more contract and I have dell account.

    • hjpj says:

      I was at Rogers in Market Mall, Calgary, and they indicated that they received the Streak yesterday – Nov 15th.

  2. johnny says:

    I ordered on the 16th, over the phone and charged to my bill. I recieved my phone the next day. Today the 18th, I have really vot used to it. Even at 1.6 this phone is doing a lot more than my 3gs. The battery life is excellent as it too outperforms my old iphone. Whats more… no more third party software and drm music (itunes)!!