Sportsnet One rumoured to be coming to Bell TV

Digital Home has been informed that Bell TV, Canada’s largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite provider, has reached an agreement with Rogers Media regarding carriage of Sportsnet One.

According to a Bell insider that spoke to Digital Home, Sportsnet One will be available on to Bell Satellite customers in the next few days, most likely when the NHL regular season gets started on October 7th.

No word yet on pricing but if earlier reports are true, all Bell TV customers, including those who don’t want Sportsnet One, can expect to pay more.

— Hugh Thompson Digital Home Blog


11 Responses to “Sportsnet One rumoured to be coming to Bell TV”
  1. Darren says:

    Have you heard any more on this issue – it’s also being reported today that the deal is not close and will not be done

  2. Cam says:

    This better be true, I am going to switch to a new provider if Bell doesn’t pick this up.

  3. FrancoisJ says:

    Anyone have any update on this news?

  4. FrancoisJ says:

    Sportstone one channels are online on Bell tv in quebec. 1436 to 1439. Finally

  5. mike says:

    Today when I hit the guide button the new sn1 channels were in the lineup. channel 438 Calgary sportsnet.

  6. Morgan says:

    Channel 418 Sportnet 1, Channel 436 Sportnet 1 Vancouver, Channel 437 Sportnet 1 Edmonton,
    Channel 438 Sportnet 1 Calgary, Channel 439 Sportnet 1 Ottawa are now on. HD channels currently

    • Anonymous says:

      Found the HD channels:
      SN1 HD on 1409,
      SN1 Vancouver Hockey on 1436,
      SN1 Oilers (EDM) on 1437,
      SN1 Flames (CGY) on 1438
      SN1 Sens (OTT) on 1439.

    • Jo-Ann says:

      Thanks for the info!!!!

      I have called and complained to Bell about this – and was considering changing providers if we did not get the channel.

      I looked up the HD – it is 1409 for Vancouver

    • Dennis says:

      HD on the following channels:

      1409 – SN1HD
      1436 – SN1 Van HD
      1437 – SN1 Edm HD
      1438 – SN1 Cal HD
      1439 – SN1 Ott HD

    • CJ says:

      HD Channels:
      Sportsnet One – 1409
      Sportsnet Vancouver – 1436
      Sportsnet Edmonton – 1437
      Sportsnet Calgary – 1438
      Sportsnet Ottawa – 1439

      Will there be blackouts like the regular Sportsnet channels?? It’d be nice to see out of market games but I’m happy just to not miss the Canucks games!

  7. Tommy says:

    Sportsnet 1 HD in calgary is on 1409. Finally.