Telus TV lets you use your XBOX 360 as a digital set top box

Telus this week unveiled a great new feature for its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service which allows Telus TV – recently rebranded as Optik TV – subscribers to use an XBOX 360 as a secondary digital set top box.

The company says it’s the first broadcast distributor in North America to offer customers the ability to use an XBOX 360 in place of a television set top box.

By using an their XBOX 360 as a digital set top box, consumers reduce the hardware cost of subscribing to Telus TV and they eliminate the need for an additional television set top box (and the additional cable clutter) which takes up additional space in your TV viewing room.

The XBOX 360 will provide all the functionality of a Telus set top box including the ability to watch over 400 standard and high definition channels, ability to use the PVR Anywhere functionality and PVR functionality from any TV when watching recorded programs.

Some restrictions do apply however. The Xbox 360 cannot be used as your primary digital set top box, must be hardwired with Ethernet (wireless not allowed) and it must be have a hard drive inside so the Arcade version will not work. In addition, Telus will charge a $5 per month licensing fee for each Xbox 360 used in place of a set top box.

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5 Responses to “Telus TV lets you use your XBOX 360 as a digital set top box”
  1. Sam Meilach says:

    Why are they charging you $5 to use YOUR own equipment? If anything, they should give you a discount !

  2. TTV Installer says:

    Its probably got to do with licensing fees or something. Gonna make my job slightly different again. 😉

  3. yo daddy says:

    their stupid 5$ THEY SHOULD BE PAYIN US

  4. Jpro says:

    Microsoft Mediaroom Licence fee.
    Not a cheap licence by any means.

    Regular set top box is $10 a month anyways, so it’s still a cost cutting idea.