Tops TV shows in Canada are all American

The 2009 / 2010 television season in Canada is now complete and BBM Nielsen Media Research reports that the top ten most watched primetime shows in Canada were produced in the United States and rebroadcast in Canada.

With the exception of Hockey Night in Canada, which ranked 19th overall, none of the top twenty most watched shows in Canada were Canadian made.

Despite funneling hundreds of millions of cable and satellite dollars and tax payer subsidies in Fee For Carriage, the Local Improvement Fund (LIPF) and the Canadian Television Fund (CTF), Canadian produced programming fails to inspire Canadian viewers.

The ratings agency found that CTV was the top rebroadcaster with seven of the ten most-watched programs in the 2009/10 season. CanWest Global captured the remaining three spots in the top 10.

“Survivor: Samoa & Heroes Vs. Villains”, the CBS reality show which airs in Canada on Global was the most watched show among Canadian viewers of all ages with average audience of 2.9 million viewers followed by last year’s winner Grey Anatomy. The most-watched Canadian drama was Flashpoint which was still well below the 20th ranked NCIS: Los Angeles which drew and an average of 1.77 million viewers.

The following are the top ranked regularly scheduled programs in Canada among all viewers 2+ in the 2009/10 television season.

  1. Survivor: Samoa & Heroes Vs. Villains (Global) – 2,929,000
  2. Grey’s Anatomy (CTV) – 2,899,000
  3. Criminal Minds (CTV) – 2,807,000
  4. American Idol – Performance (CTV) – 2,789,000
  5. American Idol – Results (CTV) – 2,686,000
  6. The Amazing Race 15 & 16 (CTV) – 2,529,000
  7. House (Global)- 2,493,000
  8. CSI: New York (CTV) – 2,349,000
  9. The Mentalist (CTV) – 2,279,000
  10. NCIS (Global) – 2,201,000

Rounding out the top 20 were

  • Dancing With The Stars Performance (CTV)
  • The Big Bang Theory (CTV)
  • CSI: Miami (CTV)
  • Dancing With The Stars Results (CTV)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CTV)
  • Two And A Half Men (CTV)
  • Desperate Housewives (CTV)
  • Lie To Me (Global)
  • Hockey Night In Canada (CBC)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles (Global)

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One Response to “Tops TV shows in Canada are all American”
  1. Stuart says:

    OK hands up who is shocked by this list???
    Well out of the 20 mentioned I watch 3 of the shows mentioned though Im suprised 24 wasnt on the list.
    Here we go again the Canadian actors and producers saying they dont get enough funding and work.
    Broadcasters asking for more money from us to produce good Canadian content shows. The CRTC
    trying to protect Canadian content.
    I have watched a few Canadian produced shows with Canadian actors but for whatever reason they
    were discontinued eg Intelligence on CBC.
    Lets be honest when it comes to producing the Canadians find it hard to compete against the US and the UK. Of the 20 note 6 are reality/talent type shows. Where is our Canadian Idol??????
    If HNIC is our highest rated show then what does that say about us as viewers????