Rogers Rocket Mobile Hotspot recalled

Previously Digital Home told readers how Bell Mobility was recalling its Novatel MiFi 2372 Mobile Hotspot device because the battery inside the device may begin to swell causing the Hotspot to malfunction. Bell says it is aware of two incidents where the device malfunctioned.

Rogers Wireless has since informed us that it too would be recalling its Novatel MiFi device which it calls the Rogers Rocket Mobile Hotspot.

Rogers is now contacting its customers to recommend they turn off and stop using the device immediately. Going forward, customers will be sent a pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope so they can return the device and have the batter and battery cover replaced within 7-10 business days.

Impacted Rogers customers will be provided with a credit for the time lost.

Rogers MiFi device recalled

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2 Responses to “Rogers Rocket Mobile Hotspot recalled”
  1. Kevin Thornton says:


    This is Kevin Thornton with the Novatel Wireless team, below is the official statement from Novatel Wireless regarding the MiFi 2372:

    Novatel Wireless’ top priorities are to serve our customers and end-consumers and to provide for the safe use of our products. There have been two incidents of battery overheating issues reported from Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada. While we can’t comment on specific consumer incidents, it has been reported that some customers have had difficulties opening the battery door, possibly due to a swollen battery, thus utilizing sharp objects or excessive force to open it. While doing this, customers can inadvertently puncture the battery when trying to remove it and this can cause the battery to overheat. To reduce the probability of user-induced damage to the battery, we have redesigned the battery door to make it easier to open.

    Any product or battery issue is considered a matter of utmost importance for Novatel Wireless. As a preventive measure, the Company is conducting an exchange program for Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada customers to replace the MiFi 2372 battery and battery door. As a proactive measure, we have been shipping all new MiFi 2352 units with the new battery door.

    The MiFi 2200 — addressing the CDMA market — represents the vast majority of the MiFi units sold to date.  The MiFi 2200 has different design features and components; hence, it is not affected.

  2. Kevin Thornton says:

    Rogers confirmed to Novatel that there have been no malfunctions reported with the MiFi 2372 by any Rogers customer.