Reality Channel launches on Rogers in July

Canwest Broadcasting announced this week it would be launching the Global Reality Channel on Rogers Cable on July 1st.

No it’s not a channel about the trials and tribulations of the Asper family but it is a station that will air nothing but reality programming from past and present seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The line-up of shows confirmed for launch include new seasons of Big Brother and Apprentice UK, Survivor, The Apprentice, Project Runway Canada, X-Weighted, Fear Factor, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Deal Or No Deal Canada.

TV ratings data from BBM Canada for last fall showed reality TV as the second most popular TV genre for Canadian viewers. Dramas were the most popular genre.

Beginning in July, the reality channel will become part of the Rogers VIP package giving it distribution in just over one million homes. Canwest says it is also in discussions with other television providers and hopes to make more distribution announcements before July.

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3 Responses to “Reality Channel launches on Rogers in July”
  1. Cambo says:

    So let me get this straight, this is the same network that was crying about funds for local programming, yet they have the funds to launch a new Channel rehashing the same old stupid “reality” shows???

    Another reason for a la carte subscription service, because I would never pay for this garbage.

  2. Tutelos says:

    Great a whole channel devoted to this crap 24/7. Pluss all the shows will be wasting space on the network stations too.

  3. Lost Shoes says:

    Woo Hoo… that’s great new for us Reality Show Junkies.