Rogers to change Quickstart menu after customer complaints

rogersRogers Cable has informed Digital Home today that it plans to make changes to its new QuickStart Menu after a litany of complaints from subscribers.

The new Rogers menu, which forced users to pass through a Rogers marketing screen before they could get to their electronic program guide, met with near universal hatred by Digital Home readers since it was implemented in mid-January.

In an informal poll of 299 users on Digital Home, 236 or 79% of Rogers Cable users rated the new guide “terrible” while 279 or 93.3% of users rated the new guide “somewhat negatively” or “terrible”.

Digital Home readers complained the new menu was more style than substance and they would preferred that rather than adding a new marketing menu, Rogers would have invested in redesigning and improving its tired 2004 era Interactive program guide (IPG) with its 4:3 aspect ratio.

In a good news / bad news email sent to Digital Home publisher Hugh Thompson, Rogers has announced that after “customer feedback” the company will be making a change to the Quickstart menu.

The good news is the company will be providing customers with an option to choose between the Quick Start Menu or the Interactive Program Guide (IPG) when they first press the Guide button on their remote.

The bad news is customers will be required to figure out how to set the default and they must continue to endure the new Quickstart menu for another month before changes are complete.

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9 Responses to “Rogers to change Quickstart menu after customer complaints”
  1. Tony says:

    Pretty embarassing that a big company like Rogers who overcharges heavily for their services already spends needless money to put in a useless change to the IPG. It truly is a useless change which added no value whatsoever. What was Rogers thinking about. What was the purpose of this change.

  2. Irgo says:

    This “quickstart menu” is just another way for rogers to get more cash. The quickstart menu provides them with advertising dollars, and also provides “suggestions” as to what to watch, such as the winter Olympics, treating us like moronospheres.

  3. dnm says:

    This kind of thing is par for the course with Rogers. I’m genuinely of the belief they have a department whose entire job is to sit in a board room all day and think of ways they can piss off and alienate their customers. Rogers is easily by far the worst company I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The stunts they pull would be unfathomable in a real market where they saw real competition.

    (Thank you, CRTC!)

  4. Julie says:

    I just googled Rogers & Complaints to see if anyone else is pissed about having to click twice now to launch the guide. Extremely annoying. I gather from above, I will be able to go back to just clicking once , thru some kind of default then, right?

  5. Joanna says:

    What’s truly amazing is that Rogers are actually going to respond to their customers and make a change. As a veteran of many a battle with them they are absolute masters of handling complaints from inside and impenetrable bunker named ‘take it or leave it’.

    Still I cannot imagine how they can ever have thought this ridiculous guide was something anyone would have wanted, surely it even annoys their own board members who I assume aren’t Bell customers. (On second thought maybe that’s why they’re actually going to change it – makes a lot more sense than dreaming that they care about their customers!)

    Can’t wait til March – having to double-click every time I change channels for the different Olympic coverage is driving me nuts! So unnecessary.

  6. Som says:

    That’s amazing. I Called yesterday to complain and now I see this news article!

  7. Dave says:

    Strangely, last night the menu was gone entirely. I’d prefer it didn’t come back at all.

  8. Murray says:

    It is now 1:22 pm on Monday February 22, 2010… My rogers tv guide on the channel 5 dial for Peel Region is stuck on the time slot 10:38 am for channels TFO13 to WIVB16 on the 10:30 am time slot.. and not moving whatsoever!

    Thanks for the tips Rogers with your channel guide for these 4 stations and on what i missed earlier this morning, it was most informative. And now, i have to ask is anyone awake or home there at Rogers to fix this problem?

    Yours truly,

  9. Dave says:

    I agree… totally useless. All it serves is to promote easier access to On Demand… which doesn’t, and never has worked reliably (on either of our HD PRVR’s). WAY too slow, WAY too many clicks, and the picture quality is poor at best. Tried to watch some on demand olympics, but the quality was so pathetic I didn’t bother.

    How can it be that after their ‘HUGE’ menu upgrade, we STILL can’t even search? This is 2010 folks! Not 1980. Why do I have to remember what channel every show I want to watch is on, or alternatively scroll through 1,000 channels? Try searching for ‘Survivor’ using the single ‘S’ key. The show will be over by the time I scroll through all the listings for S-sports channels. I usually fiddle about with the remote for 5 minutes, then toss it over to my wife and head upstairs to my good old MAC.

    Can you imagine if the folks at Google or Apple wrote their menu system? They would sure sell me a lot more service!