MTS TV offering more HD than Shaw

mtsIn April of this year, MTS Allstream Inc., Canada’s largest Internet Protocol television (IPTV) service provider, announced that it had started to roll out its high definition television (HDTV) service in Winnipeg.

Since that time MTS has added many new HD stations to its line-up, including eighteen last week, and is now the number one provider of HD channels in Winnipeg.

Research this week by Digital Home finds that, in Winnipeg, MTS TV is now offering substantially more HD channels than Shaw for less money. Currently MTS is offering 48 HD channels in Winnipeg compared to just 33 for Shaw. (Complete lists below)

In addition to offering more HD channels, MTS is offering them at a cheaper price.

MTS pricing for non-movie HD channels from MTS is $64 a month which includes all 43 HD channels and a high definition set top box. The TMN and HBO HD channel will cost an extra $19 a month while the SuperChannel package will cost you an additional $17 a month.

On Shaw, all of the non-movie HD channels (28 in total) will set you back $70 a month plus the cost of an High Definition set top box. The TMN and HBO HD channel package will cost an extra $16 a month while the SuperChannel package will cost you an additional $16 a month.

Excluding the Movie Channel packages, MTS is now offering 43 HD channels and an HD set top box for $64 a month while Shaw is offering 28 channels for $70 per month without a set top box. An HD set top box from Shaw currently retails in Winnipeg for $300.

The clear choice for HD in Winnipeg is now MTS TV.

MTS TV HD Offering in Winnipeg

MTS TV HD Offering

MTS TV HD Offering

Shaw HD Offering

Shaw HD Offering

Shaw HD Offering

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9 Responses to “MTS TV offering more HD than Shaw”
  1. Kevin says:

    I question the accuracy of this article.

    You can get basic cable with Shaw for $35.95, add on HD Plus for 9 dollars, that gives you all the HD channels (except the movie channels) for $44.95/month. IF someone wants to rent an HD box it’s $12.95/month I believe (I know it’s $5.95 in Sask, but maybe $12.95/month in Winnipeg). Either way, even with the additional $12.95, the total cost is $57.90/month. Still less channels than MTS, but cheaper than what this article argues.

    On the HD package includes Tier 1,2,3, thats why the price is higher, but you don’t need to get those tiers if all you care about is HD. You can just get basic and HD plus, like me 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Kevin. I also don’t know how that MTS price is determined.

    MTS costs $20 for all HD theme groups (not counting the movie channels), and you also need to get the equivalent SD channels. So you need 6 SD theme groups ($53.99) + $20 for the HD theme groups, for $73.99, not $64 as mentioned in the article.

  3. Joe says:

    A lot of channels repeat and show exact same programming, signals are compressed, more isn’t always better. I find the numbers skewed for all Cdn providers.

  4. thomas says:

    Looking at the MTS site, Ultimate TV which gets you all the HD Channels except movies is $63.99. but I believe you can get all the HD channels without having to go Ultimate so I believe the price for MTS is overstated too.

    For me though, HD is all that matters so MTS is probably a better option.

    • Bill says:

      I still don’t see where you can get all the HD channels for $63.99 from MTS. You can get 11 “Digital Theme Groups” for $63.99, but I don’t think “Digital Theme Groups” includes “HD Theme Groups”.

      It seemed to me you needed at least 6 SD “Digital Theme Groups” to allow you to get all of the HD channels.

    • Victor says:

      Actually to correct you Thomas, with MTS you must sign up for Ultimate TV to get HD channels. Classic TV only offers 8 HD channels.

  5. YWG says:

    MTS does not provide the most HD channels in Winnipeg. Bell TV does. Bell TV offers more than 100 HD channels (double what MTS offers).

  6. angie says:

    MTS shd compete with Shaw by having TFC(Total Filipino Channel) introduced as free for few months. I know of a lot of friends who switched to Shaw because of this and are totally enjoying it.

  7. Don Juan says:

    Good job for Shaw in introducing the TFC channel. I totally enjoyed the programs. I am sure they will get more subscribers in the area.