Rogers Wireless announces the Rocket Hub

Rogers_Rocket_HubRogers today also unveiled the Rocket Hub which allows multiple users to share one wireless internet connection. The Rocket Hub connects to the mobile internet over Rogers 7.2 Mpbs HSPA network (where available), using either Wi-Fi or Ethernet to allow multiple devices to share one Internet connection.

Rogers says the Rocket Hub is ideal for providing high speed internet services in areas where there is no fixed line infrastructure.

“The Rocket Hub, seamlessly integrating both voice and Internet services in one simple, cost-effective solution, provides businesses and consumers the option of a reliable, portable voice and data connection where and when they need it,” says Boynton. “With the launch of the first fixed offering in the mobile internet category, Rogers is once again listening to our customers and delivering the newest innovations to meet their needs.”

The Rocket Hub will be available through Rogers later this month on plans starting at $35.00 per month plus hardware.

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26 Responses to “Rogers Wireless announces the Rocket Hub”
  1. Steven says:

    $35 per month? For what 120 MBs of data? Roger’s is going to rip us off as usual lets not get too excited.

  2. Dean says:

    As much as I love new technology it disappointments me that what we have here is another example of Canadian wireless companies falling short of delivering true value for money. A gadget is cool but the services supporting it need improvement.

  3. Jacob says:

    Why not HSPA with 21 Mbps? Because just 2 people on a node with 21 Mbps bandwidth can eat all of the bandwidth for the other 250 customers on the node with bit torrent clients. At 7.2 Mbps it should realistically be a service providing 50+ Gb per month. Rogers leases it’s network from Shaw which provides 60 Gb per month with this tier level.

  4. BitPakkit says:

    bell will be providing hspa+, not rogers.

    • Angler says:

      Wrong. Roger is offering it now in Toronto with other major centres to follow. Bell/Telus has to deliver 7mbps never mind 21.

  5. BS says:

    On Vancouver Island being six clicks from the nearest tower makes this useless. Rogers should work on providing better coverage.

  6. dan says:

    Sheah, their packages are strangely too capped… BUT odd thing is their cell phone data plans have unlimited options. Tether your laptop to your blackberry for 7.2MBps internet Unlimited at $30/month THEN share your net via wifi using internet connection sharing and do everything this device does for next to nothing!!

  7. john says:

    always very nice for rogers to offer new services. too bad that they…..

    1. traffic shape and slow my current service down
    2. decided to limit my upload/download service to 60gb’s a month when i signed up for “unlimited”
    3. increased my monthly service fees by $10…..

    i am retired and on a fixed income… why does it feel like i am paying for rogers to entice new customers and losing out on services i was promised?

    if rogers didnt have a monopoly i would take my business elsewhere

  8. Frank says:

    Billson’s got it right… try a 3rd party provider, Roges is a big cash grab, they advertise speeds, new technology (well in Canada anyways), but there’s always a catch, which will be the lousy monthly cap