Adobe issues critical patches for PDF users

adobeAdobe Systems issued a giant patch Tuesday to fix astounding twenty nine security vulnerabilities in its Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader software.

One of the vulnerabilities could cause both applications to crash when viewing an infected PDF file thereby leaving your computer susceptible to malicious remote attacks.

Last Thursday, Adobe warned that critical vulnerabilities have been found in Adobe Reader 9.1.3 and Acrobat 9.1.3, Adobe Reader 8.1.6 and Acrobat 8.1.6 for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX, and Adobe Reader 7.1.3 and Acrobat 7.1.3 for Windows and Macintosh.

The latest secure versions of Adobe Acrobat and Reader Version seven, eight and nine are now version 9.2, 8.1.7 and 7.1.4.

For more details see Security Updates Available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat or discuss in our Home Computing forum.

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