Amazon Fire tablet estimated to costs about $210 to build

Amazon’s recently announced Fire tablet is expected to cost just under $210 U.S. to manufacture and build according to a preliminary estimate by market research firm ISuppli Corp.

Announced last Wednesday, the Amazon Fire Tablet will sell for $199 and feature a 7-inch touchscreen, 8GB of storage, and dual core processor

LCD TV Prices expected to decline this holiday season

Recent findings from two research firms suggest that if you’re currently in the market for a new LCD television then you may want to hold off buying for a month or two in order to secure a better deal.

According to research firm DisplaySearch, slow LCD television sales in the first nine months of this year have resulted in an oversupply of LCD TV panels which should result in a drop in prices leading up to Christmas.

Sales of Internet enabled televisions on the rise

More than one quarter of all televisions purchased by American consumers in January were linked to the internet according to a new survey by iSuppli.

The research firm surveyed 800 consumers and found that 27.5% had connected their new TVs to the Web, either through the internal capabilities of their sets or through an external device, such as a media extender or video game console.