Top Exec leaves Wind Mobile

After just eighteen months in the job and less than three months after Wind Mobile launched its service in Toronto and Calgary, Chris Robbins, Chief Customer Officer and number two man at Wind Mobile has left the company.

Globalive offers Yak and Wind Mobile bundles

Globalive, the company that owns Yak Communications and Wind Mobile, this week announced the introduction of new telecommunications bundles called “Yak Paks.

Yak Paks will be available to customers in Toronto an Calgary and will consist of home phone service, internet service, mobile phone service and a low cost long distance plan.

Wind Mobile setting up shop in 16 Blockbuster locations

Wind Mobile and Blockbuster Canada today announced an agreement that would see thirteen Blockbuster stores in the Greater Toronto Area and three in Calgary feature Wind Mobile products.

Under the terms of the deal, the sixteen Blockbuster locations will house a 150 square foot “store within a store” – featuring WIND Mobile products, plans and staff ready to help with subscription, bills and information on the latest in wireless carrier.

Feds gut CRTC decision to disallow Globalive

In a telecom decision handed down in late October, the CRTC ruled that Globalive Wireless Management (Globalive) could not operate a national wireless phone company in this country because the company was not Canadian controlled.

Today, Industry Canada Minister Tony Clement said the federal government has overturned the decision saying that 80% per cent of Globalive’s voting shares are controlled by Canadians therefore the company could offer its Wind Mobile service in this country.

CRTC says Wind Mobile not eligible to operate in Canada

In a telecom decision handed down today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has announced that Globalive Wireless Management (Globalive) cannot operate in Canada because it says the company is not Canadian controlled.

Globalive Wireless, under the brand name Wind Mobile, was expected to launch wireless phone service in Toronto and Vancouver later this year.