Study finds reading ebooks takes longer than paper

A recent study by Jacob Nielsen of the Nielsen Normat Group has found that if you want to read a book quickly, you’re better off reading a paper edition than a digital edition.

Nielsen compared the reading times of twenty four people using three different e-book methods – the PC, the Kindle 2, and the iPad — and then compared them to reading off regular paper.

Kobo ebook reader gets firmware update

Owners of the Kobo eBook reader will be happy to learn that a firmware update is now being released which addresses a number of significant issues.

Features of the new firmware include: improved font scaling; ability to hide pre-loaded books, a bug fix which improves battery life while the reader is in standby mode; and changes to charging light to better inform users when unit is done charging.

Google launching ebook store this summer

Google will launch an ebook store called Google Editions in late June or July. The announcement, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, was made by Chris Palma, Google’s manager for strategic-partner development at a Book Industry group in New York.

The service, which will compete with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble, will let users buy books they find through Google’ existing search tool or can be embedded in a booksellers website.

Kobo ebook reader now in stores

The Kobo ebook reader, a low cost digital book reader, went on sale at Indigo Books this past weekend.

The ebook reader features an electronic ink screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution similar to the one found on the popular Amazon Kindle but does not have any wireless connectivity.

Five million electronic ink displays sold in 2009

The popularity of e-books, particularly Amazon’s Kindle, drove electronic paper display (EPD) shipments to 5 million units in 2009, according to a recent report from DisplaySearch.

The market research firm said sales in 2009 were up 417% from 950,000 thousand in 2008.

Kobo ebook reader coming in May

Indigo Books this week announced that it has begun taking pre-orders for its Kobo ebook reader which will be available in stores in early May.

The ebook reader features an electronic ink screen similar to the one found on the popular Amazon Kindle but does not have any wireless connectivity so books must be transferred to the device via computers USB or Bluetooth connection.

Redesigned Kindle App coming to iPad

The New York Times this weekend reported that both Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the U.S. are working on Apple iPad apps for buying and reading electronic books. The apps are designed specifically for the iPad and will be in addition to apps currently available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Amazon Kindle now available for Canada today announced that its best selling Kindle ebook reader is now available for shipment to customers in Canada.

Canadians can order the Kindle with high-resolution 6-inch electronic ink display, built-in GSM wireless modem and wireless connectivity for $259 USD beginning today.

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