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Default Updating NHL 09 Xbox 360 Rosters?

Hi all, I have searched internet and could not find a straight answer on this so I am wondering if there is a way to download the rosters without having a internet connection? I live way out in the country and only have a satellite internet and my xbox is nowhere near so i can plug it straight in. When I do connect wireless it just times out everytime. I have a feeling I might be out of luck but I hope not.

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With wireless, does it work for other uses like logging into Xbox Live?

If so, you can try to join an online game in NHL 09 and it will search for a new roster after you pick a game. It will download it. Then you can quit back to the menu and save the roster. Other than that, moving to a wired connection temporarly might be your best bet.

Can the Xbox accept USB drives? With the Ps3 you can share files like that.
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