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Default Lost GPS...can Garmin find it?

I have not owned a GPS unit, so I don't know if you have to register it or something before you can use it.

Someone I know lost their Garmin GPS while on a trip to Florida. Probably left it in the rental car. I don't know the model number or anything. Actually, I heard this second hand, so I don't have any info.

I'm wondering, would Garmin assist in finding the GPS? When you buy it, are you forced to register like a PIN number? Could Garmin disable it at least? Just curious.
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Unless something has changed, consumer GPS receivers are entirely passive devices, so there's nothing that can be done to disable them unless they get plugged into a computer for upgrades.
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What jvincent says. This article may be of interest

Why You Can't Track Your Stolen GPS
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Perfect. Makes sense, for privacy reasons. I'll send that article to my friend.
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Some Garmin models have a security lock. If you don't enter the correct PIN on boot, it can only be unlocked when the unit is at it's "home" position, or by Garmin.
I assume other manufacturer's have something similar.

As for it's effectiveness as a deterrent.... I skeptical.
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I'd say it would be worth a call/email to Garmin.

As mentioned by the OP, although they can't track it to get it back to you (receiver, not transmitter), they should at least be able to disable updates and even potentially disable the unit (if they connect for an update). This is of course assuming it was registered on the Garmin site (I'd guess it likely was).

The Garmin lock should prevent it from being usable at least by a novice user/thief if it was enabled, although I too have doubts about the protection it would offer anyone serious enough who really wanted to get into the unit.
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