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Old 2008-08-24, 10:24 PM   #1
james says hi
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Default Getting rid of Telus TV maybe...

Hi, new member here.... my name is James.

I first got Telus TV back in... May 07? Seems about right, they suckered me in with the three months of every channel free... everything was going fine or a while.

But after the three months ended some problems really started to happen as the TV would lose the signal far more often and thus mostly would have to just restart the system and would have to go through the "installing system/looking for updates" and that is a great annoyance.. and it really happens at the worst times as well (most recent just a couple nights ago during the Adam VanKoeverton race during the Olympics)

Also I am sure it is slowing my internet speed down as well, I doubt I am getting full potential out of my Internet (ADSL obviously.)

But as switching providers (I'm guessing I would just go with Shaw Digital Cable) can be a real hassle I will only switch if I really have to so I have some questions.

Is there any plans for Telus to offer NHL Center Ice this year? I asked the guy when I was first getting Center Ice and he said they would.....however they obviously didn't.
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Did you phone tech support? How many set top boxes do you have? Is it happening on both? Are you on HDTV?
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Old 2008-08-25, 04:38 AM   #3
james says hi
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I called tech support once, they reason they gave me was because they were testing out getting ready to offer the HDTV channels soon I believe....this was a while ago.

Two far as I know it's around the same.
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If you're running even both SD boxes at the same time, you shouldn't see a decrease in internet speed.. I'm usually running 1 HD box and 1 SD box, and I still don't see a drop in my speed.

Also, which boxes do you have? If you have the old RCA (big white) boxes, get them swapped out ASAP. The new SA boxes are much better.

I've had Telus TV for almost 2 years now, and have gone through quite a few growing pains with them, but I still recommend it over Shaw any day.
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