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Default Onkyo 606 no video On TV.

Ok I hope There is a simple solution to this dilemma. I cannot get picture from my DVD on my Samsung HDTV. I am running simple RCA( yea I know..it will be changed) from the DVD( Sony non HDMI) to the Receiver and I hooked up the HDMI cable fromt the out on Reciever to the HDMI input on the TV. I have sound but no pic. Do I need a HDMI DVD player?or what?
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Default 606 does not capture video from composite in to HDMI out

Just for obtaining the video image to have something to watch, you can directly plug the RCA yellow video plug to the Samsung TV, RCA L + R to receiver and receiver to speakers.

Yes, to enjoy HDTV image fuller, you use a HDMI upcoversion DVD player. HDMI out from DVD player - HDMI cable - TV HDMI input. Optical or Coaxial Digital cable from DVD player to receiver for the sound.
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i have that receiver as well, and although i don't have anything hooked up through RCA's, i'm pretty sure it's possible to output everything (composite, component, HDMI) through one HDMI cable, one of the advantages of that receiver.

i guess just ensure that your TV is set it to the right input (sorry, i had to say it!). i don't think you have to worry about going into the assignable setup stuff, since it's just RCAs, and if you're getting sound, you're clearly on the right input on the receiver. and make sure that you don't have anything plugged in to the other DVD video ports, like a PS3/Xbox or anything.
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