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Old 2009-04-14, 08:25 PM   #151
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More battery life and a more powerful processor would help. The phone chugs along at times with the more demanding web pages and games, but overall its pretty good. I have a 16GB and its plenty enough for my music tastes, which is wide, and I have a big library but I dont care to have it all with me anyway. If you will have movies, even 16GB will be smallish.

The camera is fine, it needs a better lens and software package to give us better quality snap shots.

I would wait personally, as it will likely cost the same and you will benefit from the development improvements for the year.
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Old 2009-04-14, 10:00 PM   #152
jean luc picard
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for the love of god they better put the camera lens on the front.
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Old 2009-04-15, 08:46 AM   #153
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The faster processor might allow Flash objects in the web browser on the phone, that is one thing I really wish I had but that may not be enabled upon launch.

I have a 16 GB phone and I use about half of my storage. I wouldn't be able to hold many movies / TV shows on it so having a 32 GB or larger would be nice but it is not bad.

The newer version of the phone is likely to cost more if they add storage.

Since it is so close to new model possibly being launched, I'd wait to get the details before deciding. If you can wait, great. Remember it involves a 3 year contract so having the newest phone is not a bad thing.
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Old 2009-06-19, 04:55 PM   #154
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Default IPhone signal strength

I presently have a Motorola Razr with Telus as my provider. When I am in my house I have to go outside to make a call because the signal strength is weak (no bars). My contract is up soon and I am thinking of getting an Iphone with Rodgers.
I live in South Windsor; can anyone who has an Iphone or has Rodgers in South Windsor tell me what their signal strenth is indoors. I want to discontinue my landline and go wireless if I can.
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Old 2009-06-27, 11:50 AM   #155
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Default jailbreak and contacts etc?

Has anyone jailbroken their 3.0 yet? I just went through all the steps and seem to have it done properly BUT I have lost contacts etc?

Do I need to resynch? I also get this message on itunes about setting up my new phone? or restore?

Sorry I am confused
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Old 2009-06-27, 04:12 PM   #156
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hmm usually info stays on the phone with a jailbreak, but just resync I guess.
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Old 2009-06-27, 10:59 PM   #157
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Anyone notice on a 3g 3.0 with jailbreak that things are a little more sluggish?

Once I'm in an app, things seem to move reasonably well, but there's lots of times when a tap from the home screen doesn't seem to register for up to 10 seconds.

I jailbroke with Pwnage Tool on my Mac, then RESTORED FROM BACKUP of phone (settings, music, mail accounts, etc. etc.).
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Old 2009-07-12, 05:46 PM   #158
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Folks, can you bring your iPhone overseas and continue to use the built-in GPS for maps and points of interest (restaurants, landmarks, attractions etc) without racking exorbitant costs in roaming charges?

I am travelling to Europe towards the end of this year and I have been debating about getting an iPhone and download some neat travelling apps and bring it along. Obviously, if that will result in 3 or 4-digit bills from Rogers/Fido then I guess I will download the European maps onto my Garmin Nuvi 350 then.

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Old 2009-07-12, 07:08 PM   #159
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The Maps app with the iPhone definitely uses data to download the tiles.
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Old 2009-07-13, 08:06 AM   #160
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Thanks, I think it's better for me to load some European maps onto my Garmin and bring it along, don't want to see any surprise bill. I suppose I could rely on Wi-Fi but who knows how widely available (and free?) it is over there.
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