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Default DVR 530 Dead

Well, the 530 finally died. About a year and a half ago had it replaced for free because it kept re-booting and was unusable. It started re-booting itself about a month or two ago once in awhile, but not real annoying. Was watching it tonight, and it would re-boot about every 5 minutes. As I was on the phone with the Starchoice tech, it died and would not come on again, no lights, no nothing. They are going to ship another one out, but that will take about a week. He did give me a 1 week credit on the subscription, even though we have another non-HD receiver in the house. Anyone have any idea why it would suddenly die like this?
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Probably a software problem with the HDD as per usual. As for finding the specific problem, that won't really be determined until it is received at the test & repair center.

At least the 530s are fully covered under the MRC charge now.
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