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Default Version 164 Firmware for Bell TV 6141 Discussion

V164 software is on my 6141 as of today. Any idea what it does? From what I've read the PVR function isn't one of them and one person who contacted Bell said a Bell rep claims we're never gonna get the PVR function by using an external hard drive on the 6141. If this is true Bell is gonna get one angry call from me. Can anyone else confirm this is true?
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Default EHD 6141

I was told by customer service today that "they are having trouble but they are still working on it". Lord only knows what that means.
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Default Give it time...looks like Dish just released their PVR F/W

Bell should be releasing the F/W soon, as dishnet just released theirs on the 14th of November.

"fingers crossed!"
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Can someone confirm, what is the latest firmware on 6141? Was V164 released to all or not?

Thanks in advance
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Present version on my receiver is 164REED-N
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Old 2009-01-06, 12:34 AM   #6
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same here: V164

located in Montreal. No pvr function on the 6141 yet (ever?)
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V165 is loaded onto my 6141 today, talked to support and he said PVR fuction is ready to use, just need an external Harddrive (750GB max)....
Probably get one tomorrow and try it out...
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The link you posted only discusses the 9242 utilization of an external HD.

Hopefully the 6141 works on the new f/w.
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