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Default Going HD finally. What to get,9200,9242,6141?

Hi all. Finally going to HD and just wondering what you guys would buy? I have the opportunity to get a new 9200 for $250 cash from a friend, a new 9242 for $450 cash, or a 6141 for retail $299 I think it is.

Normally I wouldnt' have considered the 6141 but with the recent firmware update enabled the USB port for your own EHD that has me interested in it now. Although I know it wouldn't be dual tuner like the 9200/9242 which would be nice.

Figured this would be the place to ask for advice! TIA for any comments.
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I would try a retention offer for a 9242. $299 or less with a free install. Check out the retention thread.
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There have been some quite a few threads discussing buying a 9200 vs 9242 and threads discussing buying a 6141 vs a 9242. To avoid unecessary additional threads, tlease review those threads and post any additional questions in them.

Also review the Bell TV 6131 and 9242 Receivers Coming (6141 and 9242 price dropping also) as you may want to consider those two receivers also.

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