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Default Speaker Spikes - floor protection DIY

From my understanding the purpose of the floor spikes under the speaker is to isolate the speaker and minimize the vibration that it passes to the floor. Unfortunately I have hardwood floors and don't want to damage the floor with the spikes applying pressure to the wood.

I've been thinking about different possible solutions like putting feltac underneath the spike, or a small piece of carpet, but neither option would look very good aesthetically.

So I've been looking at various solutions offered and don't want to shell out a lot of money for what looks like a pretty basic problem..

Would I still achieve proper isolation by creating a puck for the spike to sit on by placing the spike on a penny, and having a rubber washer glued to the bottom of the penny to protect the floor and provide some vibration protection? (I would probably also place a beveled rubber washer on top of the penny to keep the spike centered.)
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Remove the spikes and place thick felt or rubber pads/discs in their places. This will give you the necessary isolation without the additional headache of having to work around the spikes.
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Tendercups have done the job for me but take care the dog does not make the speakers fall. LOL
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One solution would be to place a coin under each spike. Personally, I use a quarter under each of the spikes on my A/V Rack, but my speakers are on a cement base so I use felt pads from Home Depot for under the base.
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Any Home Depot wil have these in all sizes http://www.containerstore.com/browse...1&PRODID=66524
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So I was originally planning to sandwich a penny between 2 rubber washers but then went, and found these.

They essentially have a metal washer in the center a plastic base that slides on hardwood, and a rubber top with a hole through the center that's meant for a screw but fits the speaker spike perfectly without allowing the spike to reach the floor below

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Hi All,

I've got a pair of Phase Technology 7Ts that come with spikes. I used to put them on pennies w/felt, but I'm wondering if a fancier product like a vibrapod or auralex gramma underneath the speakers will make any difference in isolating the speaker from the floor (especially in terms of not conveying the energy to the apartment below).


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Old 2007-07-31, 12:25 AM   #8
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Replace the spikes with hockey pucks... or put the speakers with spikes on top of hockey pucks. I use hockey pucks in a lot of places... to put a spacer between my UPS and the carpet, the PC and the carpet, the Rogers STB and the table (to allow for better ventilation), and so on. I buy them by the barrel at Canadian Tire.
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I use Target spike shoes (a bit pricey & not exactly DIY, but they do the job)...
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Old 2007-08-02, 08:55 AM   #11
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I use these. Although they are a bit pricey.

From this company.

Btw. They are supporting speakers which weigh 500lbs each. So they are extremely well made.
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So if the speakers are sitting on a parquet floor, what's bad about using just a penny for each spike? (I don't think it's possible to do it cheaper than that!) Should I use instead something softer?

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Penny? Now that's too cheap
I'd suggest quarters or if you want to go really high end - loonies.
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...and if you decide to use pennies, then place them Queen face down so that the next house owner (looking at the marks left behind) will think you were using loonies.
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I'm thinking the dual metal advantage from a toonie will be the best performance in this application. Just watch to make sure the middle doesn't get broken out by strong bass...
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