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Exclamation Recording "House" tonight? Beware of scheduling glitches

If you are recording House on FOX tonight (either time zone), beware of Idol. The (Rogers) IPG shows House as starting at 9:10 ET/PT on the FOX affiliates. the futon critic lists the start time as 9:07. Clearly Idol is up to no good tonight. Global might be the better bet as House is running in the conventional hour slot there, but I'm generally loathe to record those as previews,etc. are to my liking.

Anyway, you've been warned...
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Idol is trying to cut into the viewership of Dancing With The Stars on ABC. Idol wants viewers hooked into FOX for 8 or 10 mins after the hour hoping, I guess, that they will stay with FOX and not change to ABC.

But the ABC show is the results show for Dancing With THe Stars and everyone who watches knows you don't really need the first few minutes. Still, DWTS was heavily promoting their results show last night and kept saying you should not miss the first few minutes or you'd miss something important.

It's just 2 powerhouse shows on competing networks trying anything they can to gain the advantage. I'm sure FOX isn't going to shortchange House for it.

To solve the problem, when you set House to record, just add 15 mins on the front of it and 15 mins on the tail end. Makes your recording longer but guarantees you'll have what you want.
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Although Global is not a good bet if you want to see the show in HD. Based on what we've seen, Global can't do HD unless it's showing it at exactly the same time as one of the live FOX feeds.
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Huh? Why did you say the opposite in the following thread voyager6868?
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I *suspected* the opposite at the time, based on that one experience mentioned in the post, but now I believe that juggies comment directly under mine is correct: "Don't forget they *MAY* be getting the feed from a Central or Mountain channel."

Based on my past few months of viewing, it seems that Global can only show US network programming in HD if it's showing at exactly the same time as the US network, or exactly 1, 2, or 3 hours later (at the same time as the US network in one of the other timezones).

House on this past Tuesday (Apr 3) is a good example--American Idol went overtime so House started around 9:05, but Global started right at 9. Global's broadcast was not in HD.
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The same thing happened the week before - mar 27th i believe - at first I thought there was something wrong with my sat rcvr or tv.
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