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Default Not getting analog channels in Vancouver

Hello, newbie alert. Lurked around the site today and couldn't find my answer, so I decided to register and ask.

I just got my 6216 box from shaw yesterday, and everything worked fine for about 15 minutes (long enough for the technician to leave), then all the sudden the analog channels dropped out. I called shaw, they reset the box, and the channels again worked...for 10 minutes. It was getting late so I went to bed.

Today after work I call shaw again, they tell me to plug directly into the wall, and after reconnecting power I get analog channels for only 2 minutes this time.

By analog, I mean all channels under 58 (I'm in Vancouver area). All channels above that work fine and all HD channels work fine.

I went to the diagnostics screen on the DCT, and on the in-band screen, no data shows up for tuner 2.

Seems like I have a dead box, but I wonder if I should press shaw to 'switch' me to all digital...would that maybe fix anything?

Any other suggestions?

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That's really odd. I just picked up the new 3080 PVR box and had it activated. Everything above 55 was ok, nothing below. A couple of techs later, he said I have the wrong mapping.
He just reset it a few minutes ago and said to wait 30 minutes.
I'll keep you posted.

PS I'm in Calgary
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I think you should try to persuade them that you need the all-digital service, since analogue doesn't work at all. This would not only be easier, but would give better long-term results.
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