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Default Recorder & STB Useful post - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc.
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How is the closed captioning turned off and on with the DCT700? Thanks.
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These DCTs do not offer closed caption. Only the advanced set top boxes have this feature. To use CC on a DCT 700 you must do so using the TV.
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I recently picked up a 47inch LG tv, and have had nothing but problems with my DCT700 since I hooked it up... I removed the coax cable from my old tv, and connected it to the new tv, it was working great... When I went back to use it later in the evenining, the DCT700 was unresponsive to the remote... I disconnected the coax cable from both the tv, and the DCT700, and reattached them using a yellow RCA cable, as well as resetting the unit by unplugging it... After rebooting it, it was responding to my requests by the remote... The following morning, after powering the tv off, once again the DCT700 was unresponsive to the remote... I disconnected the yellow RCA from the DCT700, and the remote would operate using ch + and -, but upon reconnection of the RCA, it would again not respond... This morning, it was still not working, so I disconnected the RCA cable from input 1 on the tv, and connected it to input 2 on the tv, as well as resetting the DCT700... Once again, the unit functioned properly... I returned home from work to find it not working again...

Anybody have any ideas?
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Sounds like it's a bad box. Call Shaw or go to one of their offices and they will swap it out for you.
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Default Using DCT700 to control volume

Is there anyway to program the Champ remote so that the volume can be controlled through the DCT700? I want to control the volume on an older TV that the Champ remote cannot be programmed for. Thanks.
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Old 2014-04-03, 06:06 AM   #172
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try the codes right here

if nothing on there helps you then I do not think there is anything you can do
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Old 2014-04-06, 11:55 PM   #173
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I guess I wasn't clear. None of the Champ codes work for my 30 year old Hitachi TV. I found a Champ remote at a Motel (I was doing a service call to set up a few remotes to work with the TV's) which had been set up to control the internal volume of the cable box--therefore it would work on any TV, because it was not set up to control the TV's volume, but was set up to control the internal volume of the cable box. When the volume up/down is pressed, a white "Volume" with white bar graph to show the volume level comes on screen at the top of the picture. I tested the same remote on another TV with the DCT 700 with the same results. I have seen this before with the older SD Shaw cable boxes, but not with the DCT700.

I contacted Shaw twice about it, and the CSR's could not tell me how to do it. It know can be done, because I have seen it with my own eyes.
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I would recommend just using your TV volume, or using a different remote.

The universal remotes that Shaw uses are of a type known as "JP1 remotes", and these remotes can be programmed to control virtually any function of any infrared device by connecting the remote to a computer. Google "JP1 remote" if you're curious, but it's really much easier to get a new remote than to reprogram your remote this way.
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