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Old 2007-06-07, 12:56 PM   #76
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Yes, the Delhi is good value for the dollar, and is essentially equal to the CM4221 for your needs. Hopefully it will be okay indoors, but I always ask people to try to use an outdoor antenna. If you can't, you should check if Raybel has a good return policy in case the indoor multipath interference is too bad.
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Old 2007-06-07, 04:16 PM   #77
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I use the Delhi 4BT-1483 indoor and even though the back thingy is bent, it works good. I can get CBC, SRC plus CBS, NBC, PBS and FOX.
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Old 2007-09-14, 07:16 PM   #78
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Default Any installers on the South Shore of Montreal?


Did anybody find an installer on the South Short of Montreal?

I contacted the guy I contacted last year (I checked for installers too late last year and I stopped searching when it started snowing) and while last year he still seemed interested in installing antennas this year it almost looks like he would be doing me a favor if he replaced the ones I have currently with new ones...

So does anybody know a good installer (which must not be afraid of heights as I am since he has to climb in an old (but still sturdy AFAIK) 30 foot tower?


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Old 2007-10-29, 11:37 AM   #79
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I am looking for the best and/or cheapest place to get a Wade 5Y13S or a 10Y13S in Montreal. I don't mind ordering on-line as long as the bottom line is less than I can get locally.
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Old 2007-11-20, 09:02 AM   #80
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Default Addisons in the East End

Just for information for others who are looking, there is An Addisons in the East End, somehwere close to Sherbrooke and Jean Baptiste, perhaps. They are generally much more helpful and not nearly as arrogant as the main Addison's. Apparently the two stores are related to one another, though. Perhaps it is a son who runs the smaller one in the East end.
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Old 2007-12-28, 11:06 AM   #81
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Raybel Electronique (514)352-9071
(east end of Montreal)
They sell Delhi, Channelmaster, Wineguard, etc...
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Old 2007-12-28, 02:17 PM   #82
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In the upper right of the top of this thread in a blue bar is the Search this Thread tool. If you put in the term "raybel" you will see lots of previous posts on it. Montcalm and Addison are also OTA gear sources in Montreal.
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Old 2007-12-29, 11:44 AM   #83
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Default Terrestrial Digital antennas in Longueuil

I found a place that sells «Antenna Direct/Terrestrial Digital» antennas locally in Longueuil.

From what I gathered calling the store, they dont seems to always have them in stock and it takes about a week to get them (ie, call before going there to make sure they have what you need in stock). You can also pick up your purchase at the store instead of having it shipped to save some $$$ (no pickup fee). Infos (do a search «antenna»):

5455 boul. Cousineau
Longueuil (Saint-Hubert)

Until December 31st, all of the antennas are currently reduced with a killer deal on the 91XG for only 60.65$CDN! I have never seen it this low anywhere in the US or CAN.
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Old 2007-12-29, 01:27 PM   #84
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Thanks for finding that info, TheIceMaster!

My biggest criticism of Antennas Direct/Terrestrial Digital DB-8 and 91XG antennas has been their high cost and lesser build solidity than the CM4228 and the Winegard PR9032 respectively, not their relative performance. I'm glad to finally see some reasonable prices on that brand, which I hope will continue after December!
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Old 2008-01-02, 01:05 PM   #85
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Default Need installer in Ville Saint Laurent

Can't wait for spring to mount an out door antenna!

BTW, anyone know of any good companies to help me mount, drill a hole for the coax cable and properly ground my antenna come spring (In Montreal of course).
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Old 2008-01-16, 01:45 PM   #86
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Default ElectroMike

Check with:

ElectroMike inc.
1375, rue Frank-Carrel (anciennement Jean-Talon Sud)
Québec QC G1N 2E7

Région de Québec : (418) 681-4138
Sans frais : 1 (800) 463-1501
Télécopieur : (418) 681-5880

I use to work for them long time ago

They still have a lot of OTA stuff just give them a call!

English web site http://www.electromike.com/index_en.html
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Old 2008-02-03, 04:42 PM   #87
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Default Installer used a signal meter

That's exactly what the guy recomended by raybel did; came over and tried a few things with a signal meter to see what works best for me. Not too $$$ either; 50$/H
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Old 2008-02-03, 07:37 PM   #88
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Does this install guty have a name.

I am picking up a 4228 in about a week. My house is already prewired with RG6 with cables hanging on my roof.

Anybody in Mtl does signal testing and install?
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Old 2008-02-03, 09:59 PM   #89
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Default Installer

I as well, used the guy recommended by Ray Bel. He came over to evaluate the site. He didn't even charge me for that. I'm now waiting for him to get back to me so that we can proceed with the install.

Very nice guy. He showed up with his test antenna & signal meter.
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Old 2008-02-15, 08:20 PM   #90
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That's two for the raybel guy, but no name...guess I'll have to call Ray Bel

Unless the Ray Bel guy is ElectroMike inc?

Spring can't come soon enough to buy and install the outdoor antenna.
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