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Old 2011-09-29, 10:48 PM   #601
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I bought 3 years ago a HDTV LG and one junkie blue antenna with amplifier. I cut the Rogers cable and since months my TV is for freeeee ! Now I have Netflix (with LG Smart TV device) for some variety of movies and shows for $8 a month. This month I try to change the internet provider and next year I'll change the mobiles provider for sure (after my 3 years contract).
From my point of view this is my response to the big guys : you don't help me in those hard times, I don't give you my money anymore. I rather prefer to give it to other guys who begin from scratch, at least.
So OTA means for me another approach over my life and my family: to free my mind, spirit and pay less bills! Of course is difficult to jump over my shadow, but sometimes it woorks
I'm very happy to see, time to time, that more and more people say NO, simple as that!
I live at Don Mills and Eglinton at 17'th floor West exposure and I can see the following channels: 2,4,5,7,9,19,23,25,26,29,41,49,57,66,69 - 100% and 17 - 75% from 24/7.
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Old 2011-10-07, 07:33 AM   #602
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Lightning causes frequent dropouts on more distant OTA signals that are usually reliable. That's a con.
I live in Central Florida - lightning capital of North America. I'm located between 35 and 67 miles from the OTA broadcasters in my area. I have NEVER noticed a dropout of any signal during thunderstorms. Of course, I wasn't monitoring for it either. I have an attic-mounted SBGH.

But my cable TV (the wife won't let it go!) often goes out during the mildest of storms - even though our area has underground cables (so no wind damage to the lines). So at those times our OTA antenna is a backup...
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Old 2011-10-23, 09:56 PM   #603
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I just recently went completely OTA. It was because I was paying $130 a month for cable (comcast), phone, and internet and it only worked half a month if I was lucky. I got tired of it and they would do nothing about it, so I dropped them like a hot potato.

I do miss certain things like, A&E, Spike, USA, SyFy, and some of the kid show for my son, but we can deal with it.

IF networks or one company had the right mindset, they could do something like satellite tv has. You insert a card and are able to pick up certain channels (like the ones I miss, or movie channels) and pay a monthy bill to receive those channels available on the card, plus your normal ota channels.

I have heard something like this is in the works, just not sure if it's soup yet. Would be real nice especially is the reception of the channels are reliable. Something like that could put a serious hurting on cable and satellite companies.
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Old 2011-10-24, 08:18 AM   #604
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Well, it isn't done that way on purpose. The tiers are designed usually because there is at least one channel you want on the higher tier. Plus, the cable networks get paid whether you watch or not from fees (not from advertisers, obviuosly), so again, if you weren't going to watch anyway, at least they can collect your subscriber fee.

I have been cord free for a few months, and we have still been able to watch our favorite shows, either from the websites of the channel (with the output going to our tv), hulu, and netflix (subscribe and use if you haven't already, get a roku for $60 if you cant watch on your tv using what you have).

It takes coordination and effort to find some of these shows now, like I have to remember to log into the southpark site or vh1 site once a week, or I will miss the current episode, but other than that, since we were DVR watchers for years, we haven't found our habits have changed drastically; we always knew what we wanted to watch and didn't just flip around for the most part.
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Old 2011-10-24, 11:37 AM   #605
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Default OTA for one year ... missing hockey

So, I finally bit the bullet and have subscribed to NHL's Game Centre.

My son has a Sony PS3, so we did it through the Playstation Network. Sony is now giving away the application and the service was $159 for the whole season. That's a fair chunk of dough, but less than two months of my old Rogers subscription.

Easy to set-up. I will watch the Leafs beat the Flyers tonight that I couldn't get via OTA.

Otherwise, our family of 5 hasn't had too many reservations about being OTA.

Much like missing too much NHL hockey. My kids are looking for an alternate source for the World Junior Hockey Champs over the holidays. Anyone have any ideas?

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Old 2011-12-29, 08:17 PM   #606
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Default Are you saving money with OTA?

I've been looking at OTA to cut down my bills, but the more I look at it, are you really saving any money going this route?

Shaw has a small bundle package of home phone/cable/internet for $75. If you get rid of the cable and buy the other two services (phone/internet), you're paying roughly $70.

I know I've read on this forum that people are saving $50 by canceling their cable, but I'm making the assumption that you need a phone and internet. Am I missing something?
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Old 2011-12-29, 08:59 PM   #607
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Personally i don't use a home phone (have cell phones) and with OTA don't have cable.

there are lots of free phone line options over wifi for cell phones/ computer

that sounds like a basic internet package myself.

But here where i live $40 is basic cable
$20 is phone
$45 is internet (10mb/512kb w/ 300Gb cap)

so im saving $40 alone without cable.
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Old 2011-12-29, 09:48 PM   #608
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Originally Posted by panvan View Post
I've been looking at OTA to cut down my bills, but the more I look at it, are you really saving any money going this route?

I know I've read on this forum that people are saving $50 by canceling their cable, but I'm making the assumption that you need a phone and internet. Am I missing something?
Year 1 ($50x 12) $600, for me is more like $85.
Year 10 =$6,000.000, for me is $10,200.00
Life of equipment purchased @ $1,500.00= 20-25 years.
Net saving $19,000.00!
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Old 2011-12-29, 10:02 PM   #609
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I'm definitely saving money by going OTA. My cable bill was approximately $76.00 per month. I have been OTA for 25 months, so have saved $1900.00. My equipment cost so far is about $200.00, for a net savings of $1700.00 just on cable. I already had unlimited internet with TekSavvy, so no changes there. I switched my land line to them as well, and shaved about $12.00 per month off my bill. I took a look at the usage of my cell phone, and downgraded my plan for a further savings of $15.00 per month. Over the 25 month period this is a further savings of $675.00 for land line and cell. Total saved altogether by doing this is $103.00 per month for a total so far of $2375.00. I'm happy I made the changes, and the money is better in my pocket than theirs.
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Old 2011-12-29, 11:26 PM   #610
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In a typical household with several HD TV's, you're definitely saving money.

Consider the cost of the service, plus the rental or purchase of STB's that allow you to view HD programming. Most providers then have a nominal monthly "digital service fee", etc.

BDU's tell you their basic HD channels are free, but that's not including the aforementioned fees and equipment costs.

Your HD TV already has a digital tuner built in...
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Old 2011-12-29, 11:43 PM   #611
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Well, in my case I'm saving money. Instead of Shaw Internet + Phone + TV I have:

- Shaw Internet (they've got the best internet service in Canada)
- OTA TV (plus streaming video services)
- phone (very inexpensive, very configurable)

Sure, unbundled internet costs $15 more than getting a "triple play" package, and when I price in the cheapest possible TV and Phone plan, I'm still saving $25/month.

My girlfriend and I are "dual income, no kids" and aren't very price sensitive, so it isn't saving the $25/month that is really attractive about not using Shaw for TV and Phone. The reason I don't use Shaw for these services is that what I use instead is substantially better than Shaw's offerings.

Since this isn't the VoIP forum I won't go into the ways that is better than Shaw's phone service. I'll just say that I find it to be far more configurable.

OTA channels are a unencrypted high quality signal that I can do with what I please (read: use a HTPC). If I were to use Shaw I could either use their STBs that have a user interface from 1990, or the new Gateway device that apparently is extremely buggy - and much less capable than the HTPC setup that I am using today.
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Old 2012-01-05, 04:41 PM   #612
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Hi Audacity,

I'd be curious to know what linux version and sound/hdtv card u use?

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Old 2012-01-05, 06:35 PM   #613
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Yep... HD Cable is typically $70 a month or so including box rental, taxes, service fees, etc. etc. etc. Maybe $50-60 after bundling discounts. OTA is free apart from equipment costs (which can be recouped be reselling if you want to at a later date).

Wish there was more OTA in the Calgary area or I'd still be on it. Now I've got an HTPC with 2.5 Tb of storage space and two tuner cards sitting doing nothing. It's a waste...
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Old 2012-01-05, 07:09 PM   #614
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Yea you gotta move south to usa border to really enjoy it.
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Old 2012-01-06, 10:03 AM   #615
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^^^Not necessarily. Here in Ottawa we have 14 different stations broadcasting locally (8 English, 4 French and 2 multicultural), which gives us lots to choose from. Adding US stations would give us a bit more programming (especially PBS), but we don't have time to watch all that we do record.
Link to my TVFool results is in my profile Homepage URL. I suggest others do the same.
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