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So by that account only Shaw, Bell or Rogers would be potential buyers. Oh I guess Quebecor could be on that list as well.
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Originally Posted by MCIBUS View Post
A million subs isn't that bad.

How many do other specialty channels have? I'll bet not as many as Bold.

I don't know who will buy Bold or what will happen to Bold.

But here's the thing assuming a "indie" company gets its runs the channel the way it is presently for a year or two then turns around and goes to the CRTC and says we want 'change' the license programing to such and such, the CRTC agrees and either allows it to stay as Cat 1 or change to Cat 2.

In any case you've got a channel and your in Biz.

Like I said I'm not sure what will happen with Bold or what I said will come true or not only time will tell.
It is when you consider all the bundling and packaging going on. Am guessing CBC got the memo that the free ride was about to end. With real a la carte programing the bottom feeders channel will get killed.
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Default CBC selling Bold?


[Thanks moderator for moving this I didn't go back far enough to see the old thread. So sorry it isn't news but there's the article anyway.]
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Tridus is right, Bold's licence is for a rural-themed channel. While it barely resembles that now, it still has some programming along those lines. CBC has had a few attempts to change the licence rejected by the CRTC, so it sounds like they're giving up and making this one of their budget cuts.
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