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Default Picture Problems on STB's - HELP

Don't know if anyone can help out with this question, but here it goes. I been having problems with some of the SD Channels mostly between 280 and 298 the one that is most obvious is on Channel 294 Peachtree TV. It is very hard to explain what the problem is, I have been intouch with Bell Fibe TV for the last 3 weeks, and still the problem exists.
They sent out a technician that did all the tests on the modem and cabling and everything came back good, all tests were 100% good, The video is choppy, almost like the characters on those channels move almost in a Robot movement. It seems that it is almost not sync, it definitely is not a smooth picture. The second technician came out today and changed the modem to a new one and the problem still persists, the problem is on all the 3 TV's in the home. anyone else come across any of these issues? not really pixelation, not really freezing, just seems like they move in a frame by frame movement. it's like watching a DVD from a different Region Code, its choppy, and this isn't on all the channels, just some, the HD channels are perfectly clear, so i dont know what to do anymore, They are supposed to do a monitoring of my problem for the next 24 to 48 hours, but I don't see what this is going to do.. so if anyone out there know of this issue and can share some thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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What is your STB set to output the source in? 1080i or 720p?
Try setting it to 720p, I've seen this issue, it happens because of too much processing on the source, odds are your TV has the ability to deinterlace but the source has been processed several times already along the way.

If you're set to 720p, try 1080i.
If this doesn't work, can you deal your setup a little, AVR, TV etc.
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I sometime get "signal loss" on some SD channels. The SD channels that I loose also have a perfectly working HD channel.

And is its not a HDMI or Component cable issues. Main Plasma TV is HDMI connected and my other two LED TVs are using the Component cables provided. All three loose the same SD channels.
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