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Default Potential new Customer Questions Help

never had bell before, got a used pvr receiver that got deactivated from another customer, i believe it says 9241, and another non pvr normal bell receiver with it as well, i believe it says 6100

i want to get another pvr, but i was wondering what bell offers, can i get maybe a free pvr if i sign maybe a contract with him, then add the other 2 receivers i already have

and do i get any ppv credit, like maybe 100 buck credit for the first few months, and how much would i be looking at per month if i want the total package (not any ppv or speciality channel) but most of the other stuff with 2 pvrs and 1 normal
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The 6100 is no good. Bell is no longer activating them, as they are in the process of swapping them all out for 6131s because of them impending MPEG4 transition.
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First thing to do is call Bell and verify that the 9241 CAN be activated on an account. It is amazing just how many receivers are being sold, that are actually Rental receivers and cannot be activated as they already belong to Bell TV, and therefore can't be sold.

My understanding is that Bell do not really help people who already own a receiver or two, they prefer to just supply new customers.

You should be able to get a 6400 or two, installed for free as a new account holder, then just have the Tech run another line for you, might cost you $50.
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Chances are, if you're looking for a HD receiver (not HD PVR) and you're going to rent it, you'll get a 6131. As far as I understand, we're still supposed to be using 6131 for RCP until the stock is depleted, then we start using 6400 for RCP. All purchased receivers should be 6400... as far as I know. So, don't quote me on that 100%.
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