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Default 1-888-472-2222

Hi: For the past 2 weeks I've been getting a phone call from 1-888-472-2222 and anytime I pick up I get no answer. When you google this number it says it is a call from Shaw Cable. I checked Shaw`s site and it is Shaw`s phone number. Has anyone else here been getting this call and had someone reply to your "Hello"? It is really annoying.
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I got that but they actually answered.

If you have voicemail, let it go to voicemail and see if they leave a message.
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When you answer, say hello a few times. Sometimes they use an auto-dialer and it takes a few seconds for an actual person to then take over.
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I have it going to answering machine when I don't pick up, and I say Hello serveral times when I do answer. I hear clicking noises, but no one answers. Guess I just won't answer anymore.
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They have been calling me too,

my buddy answered, they are trying to up sell products and services, he said they tried to get him to change his TV service, he was going to get less channels for more money, lol
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It is outsourced telemarketing, and it is an auto-dialer. I know, cuz that was my job last summer. The specific call centre I worked at is no longer doing Shaw, but outbound call centres are a dime a dozen.

The agents taking the calls were outsourced, but if they got a sale, the customer would be transferred to an order entry agent, who would be an actual Shaw employee.
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These guys offer smoking 12 month deals. I turned it down. I bet if I phone Shaw and ask for the same deal, Shaw will say I'm crazy.
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