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Default Bell Media Launches "Project Latte" Streaming Service

Bell Media announced today it will soon launch a new video streaming service devoted exclusively to the best content on television. From the company with more than a decade of leadership delivering Canada's most-watched and most-acclaimed television programming across the Pay, Specialty, and Network TV landscapes, the on-demand subscription service, currently code-named "Project Latte", will feature thousands of hours of content representing TV's top premium brands including, it was confirmed today, HBO. With content from all key Hollywood major and independent studios, "Project Latte" does not duplicate existing services, but instead features additive and exclusive programming.

Now available to every TV provider in Canada, "Project Latte" is designed to enhance the value of the subscription television ecosystem. "Project Latte" will therefore be made available to all TV subscribers in the country, pending agreements with participating TV providers, on their traditional set-top box, as well as via mobile apps, the web, and other platforms including game consoles and Smart TVs. Additional details will be announced in the weeks to come.

"We built Project Latte as a complementary service that will delight and amaze viewers with thousands of hours of premium entertainment available on-demand and on the device of their choice," said Kevin Crull, President, Bell Media. "Project Latte addresses a significant gap in the Canadian TV system and allows TV providers to greatly enhance the value they provide to their clients. We are incredibly excited about the potential for this product and how it fits into our overall portfolio of Canada's best television brands and programs."

"If you like TV, you will love Project Latte's program lineup," said Mike Cosentino, Senior Vice-President, Programming, Bell Media. "Our singular focus on TV series, along with our established studio relationships in Hollywood and beyond, means we are uniquely positioned and hyper-focused on delivering the best TV programs to the most-devoted TV lovers. While our extensive HBO deal is a game-changer and instantly makes us a viewer favourite, HBO content comprises only 10% of our planned inventory at launch. Stay tuned as Project Latte's complete lineup is revealed in the weeks to come."

HBO is the first of many world-class content partners announced for "Project Latte", which, further to Bell Media's previously announced agreement, will be the Canadian home of the entire off-air library of HBO's iconic programming catalogue. As confirmed today, "Project Latte" will feature the entire HBO scripted library, featuring some of the most-celebrated television programming of all time. In addition to THE SOPRANOS and SEX AND THE CITY, additional Emmy« and Golden Globe« Award-winning HBO classic series to be available on "Project Latte" include SIX FEET UNDER, BAND OF BROTHERS, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, BIG LOVE, ENTOURAGE, OZ, IN TREATMENT, HUNG, ROME, and DEADWOOD, among others. "Project Latte" will also feature creator David Simon's newly re-mastered version of THE WIRE, which will be presented in HD for the first time.

"Project Latte" will also showcase the complete HBO Films catalogue of nearly 100 titles that have been the recipients of countless Academy«, Golden Globe, Peabody, and Emmy Awards, as well as the Palme d'Or and other film festival accolades. Among the selections are ELEPHANT, AMERICAN SPLENDOUR, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, GAME CHANGE, TEMPLE GRANDIN, CONSPIRACY, THE GATHERING STORM, THE NORMAL HEART, and GREY GARDENS.

As well, "Project Latte" is the home to more than 150 titles from the HBO Documentaries library, including Academy Award-nominated 4 LITTLE GIRLS, the Emmy and Peabody award-winning WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE: A REQUIEM IN FOUR ACTS, SIX BY SONDHEIM, and the recent festival favourite SEDUCED AND ABANDONED.

Finally, "Project Latte" will exclusively feature HBO's lineup of close to 160 iconic stand-up comedy specials featuring some of the biggest names in comedy of all time, including George Carlin, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, Margaret Cho, and more.

About "Project Latte"
Created for TV lovers and devoted exclusively to television, "Project Latte" is Canada's premium subscription on-demand service, providing the most robust lineup of hit television content in the country. From TV's most-acclaimed dramas and beloved comedies to documentaries, music, and factual programming, "Project Latte" will feature more than 10,000 hours of non-kids TV programming, with more than 350 unique TV titles. Designed to complement traditional television, the video service gives viewers the ability to watch thousands of hours of hit past and present TV series. Available to all TV providers, "Project Latte" will be delivered via set-top box, apps, online, and other platforms. "Project Latte" is from Bell Media, Canada's premier multi-media company.
Press Release.
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If this is a standalone service that includes all of the serial content currently licensed by Bell Media for ~$10 / month, I'll subscribe. Otherwise, probably not worth it.
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At the rate this is going, we'll need another website that lets you search a show and have it tell you which streaming service it's on.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. If this and shomi have current shows and don't require a TV subscription, getting both of them and ditching TV would be pretty attractive.
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Old 2014-10-30, 03:33 PM   #4
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They have such a service. is what I use, and it works well most of the time.
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Originally Posted by Tridus View Post
... If this and shomi have current shows and don't require a TV subscription ...
The way I am reading this, its sounds like it is "offered to all TV providers in Canada to enhance viewing", meaning you have to be a subscriber to cable/sat to get it. If that is the question is will you have to subscribe to the channel that the content comes from. For example, if you want to watch the HBO content, will you have to be a HBO subscriber through your TV provider. If that is the case, I see no value in this service.

The value, however, may be that they describe the service as complimentary. Does this mean that you will get programming that is not available currently on TV? For example an HBO show that is not on HBO Canada?

Unfortunately, it seems the release lacks details and was probably issued to make people think twice before committing to shomi (rumoured to launch next week).
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Old 2014-10-30, 04:26 PM   #6
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When is a package going to show up for all these streaming services?

For example, if I subscribe to Latte, Vice, Shomi, NetFlix, Hulu, Youtube Plus, and the dozen other content services launched in the last 2 minutes, will it save me $5 in a bundle, or actually now cost more then my current cable/satellite bill?
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"complementary" as in additional, not "complimentary" as in free. They're advertising off-air HBO programming, so if you want to watch catalog titles from HBO Canada's library, which are no longer shown on TV, you can subscribe to this service.
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Old 2014-10-30, 05:03 PM   #8
bev fan
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The service will be free to TV subscribers who have programming like HBO in their TV package.
I do not think that anyone will be able to access this service without TV subscription

Actually after reading it again it looks that we will have to wait few more weeks to see if it will cost extra and if it will be available as a standalone service.

Last edited by bev fan; 2014-10-30 at 05:32 PM.
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Old 2014-10-30, 06:29 PM   #9
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Right, so the plan is to use the money garnered from their lock on the TV business to buy exclusives to keep them out of the hands of new competitors, while trying to get people to still have TV.

Yeah, that sounds more like the Canadian media oligopoly I love to hate.
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bell, project latte

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