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Default Rogers begins activation of its first LTE smartphone

Three months after its launched its Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless network in Ottawa, Rogers has begun activating its first LTE smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. The new devices were first delivered to customers on Tuesday

Let the upgrading begin!
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Originally Posted by hugh View Post
Let the upgrading begin!
Too bad 90% of the network here in Saskatchewan is 2G. I guess they'll just skip the 3G upgrade and convert it to LTE in about ten years...

Still, it's nice to have options and in areas with LTE service, I can see these devices being pretty useful.
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dont feel bad PhotoJim it's the same for the maritimes I just got a galaxy and it worth nothing to have a data package on as 2g if it works only runs at 120kbps and i live in a university town that service is non exsistant
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I got an HTC Raider today, but I need to go grab an LTE SIM to see how this bad boy will run...
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Default LTE data plans??? do they cost more

Do LTE plans cost more than 4G/3G? it's a nightmare on the Rogers site trying to find out....

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Yup, afraid so. Go to and click on "see LTE plan details" below one of the devices.

They have a promotional offer right now of 10GB for $50. It's definitely pricey, but on a sliding scale it's not bad considering their old semi-regular promo was 6GB for $30.

Perhaps they will invest the money they make from these LTE plans into redesigning so that doesn't look like it was made in 2002.
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The Raider is huge, reminds me of the Nokia 2190 back in the day

I personally wouldn't bother getting a 1st gen LTE phone, LTE coverage is small & 2nd gen devices will be even faster. Without a reasonably large data bucket at an affordable price I don't see the advantage of the higher data speeds LTE gives you, which would be more useful when tethered to a computer then for on device browsing or streaming IMO.
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FYI, Rogers does have a promo where you can get LTE on existing plans.
I switched my $30/6GB over to the LTE variant and now using a Raider.
LTE sure can be quick on a phone, it's quite crazy how fast these things get.
Did a speed test at work today and got 33Mbps/15Mbps; very impressive for a phone.
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lte, rogers wireless, samsung galaxy s ii

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