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The 4228HD is a UHF antenna, it has a negative gain on low-VHF like 6.

- Trip
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Originally Posted by FunkyTown View Post
I still have no sound or pic. I'm using a CM4228HD antenna in my attic. I'm getting all of the other digital channels and analog too. So unless channel 6 is broadcasting at an extremely low signal, I'm not sure why I'm still not picking it up. I just did a scan to see if it would make a difference but it doesn't.

I have plain rabbit ears on my TV in the bedroom. I'll go up and try that one, but if I can't pick it up with the CM4228HD in the attic, it seems strange I would pick it up with rabbit ears. I'll check though.
Isn't CM4228HD a uhf antenna which will pick up vhf-hi? Since Global's on vhf-lo, that may explain your result. It would be interesting to see how you do with your rabbit ears.

Edit: Looks like Trip beat me to the punch.
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The rabbit ears which also has a UHF loop is no better. I'm getting no signal on 6 or 6.1.

The strange thing is, I used to pick up channel 6 when it was analog. So if they are still broadcasting on 6, something must have changed. They may be on a much lower signal.
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Old 2011-08-15, 12:44 PM   #19
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Default Nothing on 6 for me using vip302SR

I have a VIP-302SR and get nothing on channel 6. It was watchable while they were still analog but nothing today on digital. TS Reader is seeing thousands of TEI and Continuity errors on Ch6.
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Old 2011-08-15, 12:47 PM   #20
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Looks like I’m out of luck with digital Global TV the way it’s broadcast right now on channel 6. With some strenuous antennae acrobatics closest I can get to Camp Fortune, I managed to get my TV to lock onto 6.1 for a very weak digital feed. Getting nothing at all with my antennae in its normal location, regardless of orientation.

I’m posting here because I’m curious to see if this will be a widespread problem; past discussions pointed to this one as being the potential biggest issue local channel. I’d also be curious at one point to see a forum poll for the number of people (not /) getting Global DTV.

Last edited by Fota; 2011-08-15 at 01:29 PM. Reason: Specify antenna: Rabbit Ears - Appartment Ottawa Crosswinds
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I am now getting some pixelation and "mode not supported" on my TV for 6-1. Still no station ID or sound. They may just be starting to crank the ERP up? I have played with my CM4228 and my VHF antenna and my CM VHF antenna has given me the best results yet but still no lock here in Franktown. I was able to get analog 6 weak with my 4228 and quite strong on my VHF antenna. Fingers crossed that they are still adding more power to the transmitter...
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Old 2011-08-15, 12:48 PM   #22
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I would suggest viewers in the Ottawa area who are having difficulty with Global on Channel 6 to also e-mail/call the station to let them know.
The broadcaster needs to know that their DTV channel/ERP choice might not be working for them …
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Old 2011-08-15, 12:50 PM   #23
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I'm receiving CIII-DT RF 6 using the AntennaCraft ministate HD view 360. I'm right by the Ottawa river (Orleans-East)

The signal is a paltry 3.3kw so it's no surprise many aren't receiving at all.
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Old 2011-08-15, 01:22 PM   #24
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Default Old Ottawa South (Bank and the canal)

I'm in Old Ottawa South (Bank and the canal) and I am getting Global on 6.1 at about 45% signal strength. CBOT-DT and CBOTF-DT are stilling coming in fine on 4.1 and 9.1 at about 75%. Sorry I can't give you the actual channel numbers, my TV doesn't report it.

Edited to add: I have an 8 bay antenna from they-who-cannot-be-named (sorry, I was ignorant when I bought it), pointed at HC.


Reposted from the other Ottawa thread, (Ottawa-Vanier-Orleans)
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Originally Posted by james039 View Post
Global is currently on RF6 an mapping to 4.1

CBOT-DT has been booted off to 25.10

I can't imagine CBC will be terribly amused by this.
That's your TV's tuner, and how it deals with duplicate virtual channels.
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I'd give 'm a day or two to tweak things but for your convenience:
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I was receiving CIII-DT this morning, but now I don't. Part of my problem may be that I don't currently have a pre-amp on my 5Y6S and I have about 75 feet of cable and a 4-way splitter.

For those having troubles, an FM trap may also be of help. Just make sure it is band shifted to protect channel 6. Winegard's traps are not recommended but the one in the CM7777 is good.

Having said that, I was expecting people to have lots of problems with Global here in Ottawa.
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I was not expecting issues with Global. Yes, I read that VHF on channel 6 is not good as many antennas won't pick it up. However, I can pick up channel 4 on VHF with my antenna. Channel 6 always came in before with my antenna when Global was analog. The only conclusion I have is they've really reduced their signal to a trickle. I'm not getting one bit of the signal at all. I live in Gatineau not too far from the Ottawa river. Reception in this area has been very good for local channels on both sides of the river - Hebert's Corners and Camp Fortune.
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I have already contacted to describe what has happened out our Global TV reception in Ottawa (folks' home)and at our family cottage in Kazabazua.
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Now nothing here at all for Global on either of my antennas. I have e-mailed them to see if they are still in testing phase and not at full power yet. I hope this is not what we can expect from them.
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