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Default Is On-Field Graphics Expensive?

Now that the CFL season is upon us, I see that TSN modified its score bug. I think it is better than the one last season since ot does not take space as much.

However, I do think that it is still far behind what it is in the NFL and Division I NCAA. How expensive it is to put a CGI down information on the field? All 5 NFL broadcasters do it. It is very informative, I think, as viewer gets the down information near the players and right before the ball is snapped.

The second thing I wish is the spidercam. But this one is obviously cost-prohibitive and therefore is used only on the Grey Cup game.
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No competition = less motivation.
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Just putting the first down yellow line marker on the field requires a 3 camera triangulation, and the computer software is crazy complex. Not sure if other field info is coming or just the first down marker.
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NB Josh
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I'm not really a huge fan of all the markings on the field anyway. I find that the US networks (especially Fox) have went the way of too many graphics with their football broadcasts recently. I've watched classic NFL games from the early 2000s on NFL Network and I don't find myself missing most of the new technology.

I would like it if the TSN scorebar had a timeout indicator though.
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CFL only has 1 timeout by the way, that'd look a little odd.
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NB Josh
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I know, but still nice to know if they have it. Just have a dot on there or something.
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