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Default Getting a new receiver

Hi. We've been with Star Choice for about 8 years now. We recently got a new HDTV and I want to get a new HD receiver so that we can receive those few free HD Channels you get if you have the equivalent SD Channel. Our receiver now is about 5 or 6 years old so we need a new one.
I was just wondering how I can go about getting one. Do they offer a free HD receiver in exchange for the old one? Or do we have to end up buying a new receiver outright? Anyway to get one for free? Even if its the lowest one you can get, as long as it can show HD channels. Thanks.
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The answer to your question is maybe. What you need to do is call customer service and ask for customer relations. A customer relations agent can look at your account, and may offer a receiver for a reduced cost (possibly free), or offer you credits on your monthly bill.
It is dealt with on a case by case basis. They will look at account history among other things.

Note that you will want to have either a 605 HD receiver, or a 630 HDPVR. The 505 and 530 models will not be able to tune HD channels at some point in the future when Shaw Direct moves to MPEG4 compression.
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