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Sunset Point
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Default is2 up

At 5 this morning, turned on the TV and received the message that "an update to the Gateway was available - 'restart now' or restart later". Selected the 'restart now'! Went in to watch what the gateway lights were doing. The 2 right lights indicated some activity and the Record light flashed red, momentarily. The Portal which I used to select 'restart now' came back on, on its own. Went to Portal 2 and turned the TV on - nothing but a blank screen. Waited a few minutes - still blank; turned Portal off and then back on - 'Arris' showed up and every thing went back on.(Will have to try 3rd portal later).
Thanks Shaw, let's hope this cleans up a lot of issues - yesterday the system was particularly 'flaky'--looks great now!
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This thread will likely soon be closed as there are other more specific threads for more focused discussion. Please look for them and do your best not to confuse different issues in the wrong thread.

For example, if you are having issues with recordings going missing and you are using an external drive, that could be a tough one to know where to post but I would like to suggest you start in the main 'iS2' thread and then move to the 'external drive' thread if it seems your problem is with your external storage.

Just a suggestion as our poor moderator now has a handful of threads to keep up with on just this Gateway system alone.
If you want more then ask for it rather than going hungry. If you want more than I have then you should ask. They're going to park their car over there.
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Originally Posted by sibble-comp View Post
Actually, by that forum link it was the MOCA LED. Obviously never noticed it lit before.
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Originally Posted by Jetranger View Post
Just a suggestion as our poor moderator now has a handful of threads to keep up with on just this Gateway system alone.
I was just wondering how the heck I as going to keep on top of all these threads ;-)
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Default Classification of gateway threads to pre and post code update

I agree that it can be a tedious job for the moderators, posters to constantly keep up with the re-segmentation/re-classification of threads as subject matters evolved.

After getting used to the new classification, I think it will benefit all in the long run to easily find the relevant subjects thanks to the streamlining of subjects in a logical manner.

Compared to other forums, I think this forum is relatively well managed and organized.
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Exclamation Keeping track of Gateway threads

The top post in the Read First, Main Discussion and Issues/Fixes Gateway threads all contain links to other major threads in this forum.
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I've now had the gateway a couple weeks. Have had to restart it a couple times.

However, discovered one VERY COOL feature in VOD. Since I subscribe to Superchanel and Movie Chanel, I can use the VOD to pull up ANY listed movie and "rent" it immediately for $0.00.

Who needs to wait for a movie to come on, NOT ME!
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It is pretty cool...but is the VOD in HD???

Until the Movie Central VOD is available in HD, I'll wait until it airs.
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Thumbs down Gateway PVR recordings cut off early!!!!

I'm getting steamed. I missed the end of Two and a half men, then the last Dream11 fight. And I STILL can't order the UFC PPV. Grr. Fix some stuff SHAW!!
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Exclamation Thread closing

With the Shaw Gateway iS1 code replaced, this thread is closing. Please use the following NEW THREAD to discuss firmware issues for code update iS2:

Other threads of note:

Fixes & issues (after iS2 code update)
A running list of fixes an issues with the iS2 firmware update.
(Not a discussion thread.)

Adding external drives

Gateway promotions (new subs only)

Wait times for Gateway support

Installation and setup discussion

Last edited by downbeat; 2012-01-25 at 12:00 AM. Reason: Made sticky
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Closed Thread

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