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jerry rigger
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Question digital cable wihtout a digital cable box


I live in Toronto and I have Rogers VIP cable and am currently using their Scientific Atlanta Explorer 1840 digital cable box. I don't want to rent this box anymore and I don't want to buy it either. Why can't I just put the cable from the wall directly into the back of my TV? When I try this, I only get 70 channels, instead of the 200 I get when I'm using the box. What am I doing wrong here?

The TV is a Sony WEGA KDSR60XBR1. I don't subscribe to HD and I'm not interested in using Rogers for pay-per-view or on-demand or any other junk like that. The Sony remote has functions for displaying the guide and the info so ... has Rogers done something so that their customers HAVE to pay for the cable AND the box? Boooooo .... isn't there any way around this? If I MUST buy a cable box, can I buy a cheap one from someone other than Rogers? And if I do that, I have to call Rogers and ask them to 'authorize' it? For real? C'mon... Help me out here!
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To get Rogers Digital, you need a Digital Box

The only other way to get Digital is using OTA
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The 70 channels you are seeing are the 70 or so analog channels that Rogers offers to customers without a digital box. Old cable converters and "cable ready" NTSC TV's will tune those channels. The 200 or so digital channels you are looking for are transmitted using a digital system call QAM. Most new HD tv's have a QAM/ATSC tuner but Rogers scrambles most of the QAM channels so only the Clear QAM channels can be received. In my area that is a few digital audio channels and about 4 TV "channels". Unfortunately those channels are trouble slides and the channels that introduce the ROD channels. No actual programming. You must buy or rent a box that Rogers is willing to authorize for you to get the digital channels. Rogers will only authorize a box that is in its database. So no stolen US boxes or Ebay from who knows where boxes. Used owned boxes from previous Rogers subscribers are OK provided the previous owner has called Rogers and had them remove the box from their account. They have this issue pretty well sealed tight.
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This question has been asked many times. Here's the FAQ with detailed answers - basically no, as indicated above.

Here's the sticky on outside STBs - also no:

Please check out the following thread, useful for those new to the forum - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:
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I only get 70 channels
You're also getting only the analog channels. You need a STB to get digital, including HD channels.
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if you have a digital box, rogers can guarentee you will get the channels you are paying for properly on your tv, they have no way of doing this if you use your tv's built in atsc tuner, and in many cases, you will not receive all the channels as the TV is not 2-way back to the head end, so its not fully compatible with roger's offering.

you can use analogue, but you will get a slightly worse PQ, but if you want digital, you must get the stb, if you want hd, you will also need the hd version of the stb.
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Originally Posted by jerry rigger View Post
I don't subscribe to HD and I'm not interested in using Rogers for pay-per-view or on-demand or any other junk like that.
I believe that VIP includes several HD channels by default which you will have access to at no extra charge if you get an HD box. I believe it also includes a free rental of an SD digital cable box, or at least it did.
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VIP at one point included mandatory free rental of a DCT box at the advertized package price

now the program has changed and you can opt to buy your own DCT box and the price you pay per month will be lower.
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