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Default iTunes is nuts or I am!!!!

I have an 8 gig I touch and I uploaded the latest software for it as it had gone crazy and it would jump around from song to song on its own. Now it seems to work fine but I am having this problem.
I cant really remember how Itunes works my ipod selections but when I plug in the i touch I get the icon on the left side showing that it is there and when I click on it I can see all the music I want on it.
When I reloaded the software for the i touch I am pretty sure it deleted everything in it which was fine and made a new list that I wanted on it. When I sync them I should have 1200 songs. Now when I play the itouch in my car I open it and I have ON THE GO 1 and ON THE GO 3 as playlists. I never made the number 3 version and it seems to have made its own playlist as I know the songs in it are not necessarily those that I wanted. The other playlist has what I wanted but due to having 2 playlists there are only 600 songs.

I plugged it back in and deleted the 2 playlists and crated a new one. Again I see there are 2 playlists again!!!!

What is going on here? Is it the itunes software driving me crazy or what.

ps I used to have an old 20 gig ipod and never had problems like this.
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Sounds like you're syncing to the wrong playlist.

After connecting the device, In iTunes, click on the device, then go into the Music Tab and select what playlist or playlists you want to sync to. Now press Sync and you should be fine.
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I will try but on the go 1 and on the go 3.... I never even made them, it seems to be something the software came up with.
we will see'... Thanks
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On the go playlists are just what they sound like, playlists you made with the device outside of iTunes.

I can't remember the exact method of creating them on a touch wheel anymore, I think it's when you hold down play while the song is under the indicator, you can delete them as playlists in itunes after you sync and then resync and they should disappear.
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