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SD 630 Support
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Originally Posted by GaryE View Post
Accidently pressed the "Protect this recording" button and can't unprotect it. Read the online manual and it says to remove the program "manually". How? I have selected "Delete this recording" and nothing. This protected program is now stuck at the top of on PVR list.
Hi GaryE,

You're following the correct steps - once protected, a recording cannot be deleted automatically by the PVR, it can only be deleted by a user by selecting "Delete this recording". There will be a confirmation screen, confirm "Delete", and its gone.

I'm not sure why it would be sticking there and not deleting - try playing back a different recording, stopping it, waiting for live TV to come back in, and then deleting the protected recording again.

Let me know if you're still having issues and we'll go from there!
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SD 630 Support
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Post One-time versus Recurring Recordings

Originally Posted by QCK View Post
Is there a way to select a program from the guide to record and then change it to a dalily or weekday recording? I know you can do a manual timer but the name of the recorded program that was in the guide does not show up then...

Outside of Manual Timers, there are two types of recordings. One-time (aka "impulse" recordings), and Recurring (aka "series") recordings.

One-time recordings are set by pressing the "REC" button on a particular program while in the Guide, or by selecting "Record this program" from Search or Upcoming air dates. You cannot turn a One-time recording into a Recurring recording.

Recurring recordings are set by selecting "Record new episodes" or "Record all episodes" from the Program Options menu (in the Guide, Search, or Upcoming air dates menus). Selecting "new" versus "all" simply corresponds to the "Recurrence" setting and can be changed later.

Both types of recordings are managed in the PVR Options menu - MENU, select "PVR", and then "Options". One-time recordings appear with the regular record symbol at the far right of the list. Recurring recording events have a record symbol with an "R" at the far right of the list. You'll notice that One-time recording events have fewer options available when you get to the "Edit Recording Event" menu - Recurrence, Channels, and Keep do not apply to single recordings.

So, back to your original question. Depending on the show you want to record, I would find it in the Guide on the channel you usually record off of, press ENTER, and select either "Record new episodes", or "Record all episodes" (if you want to capture reruns as well OR if the guide data doesn't always specify new or not). Then pop into PVR Options and customize the Channels, Start Early/End Late, specify if you only want to keep a certain number of episodes (great for kids shows or syndicated programs), and how long you want to keep the recordings.

Press GO BACK to save, and that's it - no more deleting the timer if the show is in reruns next week, adjusting it for time changes, or moving it around because of conflicts! You can confirm via the "View upcoming air dates" or PVR Upcoming menu that what you expect is scheduled to be recorded.
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Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post
Hi StraightEdge,...
Is this what you're looking for?
No, I believe the previous STB was capable of performing an anamorphic squeeze of the outgoing image so that you'd get 33% more resolution and only have to stretch the DVD recording instead of zooming. (Stretching vs zooming gives 33% additional resolution) This was similar to anamorphic production in DVDs. You'll have to advise if this "workaround" is possible with the 630. Anamorphic.

If you do a search of this (Shaw Direct) forum for anamorphic, you will find previous threads on the topic - examples below.
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Hi SD 630 Support... I have a feeling this program is corrupted. It says it recorded for 2 hours and 2 minutes but when I played it back it cut out at around 1 hour and 55 minutes or so. Tried Protecting another show and it did delete alright but this one show (WWE SmackDown!) won't delete at all.

** Just an update... I did something that I was used to doing with the old 530 and that was a front panel reboot. It worked and got rid of the program that wouldn't delete.
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Originally Posted by QCK View Post
Is there a way to select a program from the guide to record and then change it to a dalily or weekday recording? I know you can do a manual timer but the name of the recorded program that was in the guide does not show up then...
There looks like there are manual timers settings. Go to the menu bar, to PVR and then scroll right and you'll find manual timer option which looks like it has Mon-Fri, Daily, etc. If that's more to your liking until we all get used to how to correctly operate the new recording features properly.
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Hi SD630 Support. I'm having trouble with my parental locks. I want to use them to make all of the Alternate Language channels, Music Channels, and Adult channels dissappear from the guide. I have the option of having everything I don't subscribe to dissappear selected, but I would also REALLY like all those other things off the guide. The problem I'm having is that when I enable the parental locks, and have only those channels I want gone selected, I randomly have other channels tell me they are parental locked and make me punch in my code. I've made sure I don't have these channels selected in my locks, and it only happens sometimes and totally randomly. I've also made sure that I don't have any other of the parental locks options enabled.

Any Suggestions? It's annoying, but I would really prefer not to have to cycle through all these french channels, music channels, etc. in the guide.
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Default Help with system status info

Hi...cannot get the 630 to quit resetting every 3-4 minutes when on. I have run new cables with no barrel connectors...Shaw says my cables are not good and relegated me to a service call (sept 15) is the data from System Info:

Tuner 1 76 8.9dB auth status U
Tuner 2 73 8.8dB auth status NA

Even shut off, I have noticed the 630 doing some kind of reset...can anybody help out with some info on my numbers?
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Got the 630 up and running last evening - very impressed !

Size is amazing ! Smallest HD PVR on the market I think !

I'll do a more detailed review in the next couple days but I do have a question:

How many of you received the $50 in PPV credits? I asked for it but the CS said it's not available as part of my deal.

I got the retentions $99 trade in....

Did you get your PPV's???

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I love all the information they have for movies: Star rating, cast, description etc. It's something the 530 was truly lacking.
One thing I have noticed though is 'record new episodes' doesn't always work; however, I do not think this is a problem with the 630, rather it's a problem with the network. Sportsnet does not have the 'New' symbol connected with the upcoming Ultimate Figher series; therefore, if I want to setup recordings of new episodes I have to do it through SpikeTV which has the 'New' symbol, but sadly is SD not HD.

Rob1: No I did not ask for or get PPV Credits (maybe I should have?)
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Default Great HDPVR 630!

New to the whole HDPVR experience. Had no problems activating the receiver took no more the ten minutes. Love the guide and all the new features.(call id is great). Could have come with a better user guide, but downloading the user guide from shawdirect website worked just as good. Had to play with the audio and video setting alittle to get what I think is the best picture and sound. Can not wait now for the new fall TV shows to come on so I can see what the 630 can really do. Only question I have is what do the interactive C and D buttons do on the remote or are they reserved for future use?
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I got the PPV credit. I asked for them and he said something like "Oh yeh, all new receivers get the credit". I think it all depends on who you get. The women that took my order for the receiver upgrade said I would not get any PPV credits.

Last edited by tlamm; 2010-09-04 at 08:08 PM. Reason: changed PVR to PPV..
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tlamm: Are you meaning to say PPV credits, not PVR credits?

I wonder if is it possible that doing the $99 trade in doesn't trypically get the PPV credits since there isn't an additional receiver involved where as the $199 new receiver without the trade in IS an additional receiver so PPV credits are available?
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Opps. Yes, PPV credits... I'll edit my post..

That is possible. I did keep my 530, perhaps they take that into consideration.
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Did the trade. Asked for PPV credits and got them. May have been because it took 3 calls to get the right code for my elliptical dish and the proper programming. Two CSR's were a little lacking in their abilities. The 3rd was great!
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Originally Posted by martinstraka828 View Post
Hi SD630 Support. I'm having trouble with my parental locks....

Any Suggestions? It's annoying, but I would really prefer not to have to cycle through all these french channels, music channels, etc. in the guide.
Alright. The first thing to remember with Parental Controls is that above all else, they're designed to keep young children from accessing "inappropriate" content. When faced with a decision to either show content that might be locked, or else lock content that might be okay, the system will always keep it locked. While this may seem heavy handed at times, the idea is that as a parent you'd rather have to enter your password on an "okay" program rather than have little Johnny catch a glimpse of something he shouldn't.

In your case, you're probably seeing the password screen as a result of a slow tune. Sometimes, the necessary information takes longer than normal to come through, and as such the password screen is thrown up until the system can confirm with 100% certainty what you're tuning to shouldn't be locked. If this is the case, the password screen should disappear on its own and the program comes through if you give it a couple of seconds.

Additionally, if the unit is ever reboot, there will be a short period where all channels are locked and require the password - once everything passes verification, locks behaviour should return to normal.

Looking at the channels you're trying to get rid of, hiding unsubscribed should really take care of most of them (unless you have a Bilingual or Adult package). Music and Radio stations don't appear in the Guide anymore, regardless of settings. If you're still looking to pare things down further, you might want to give a Favourites list a try - you can customize what shows up in the Guide without worrying about the password. Just press FAV on the remote and go from there!
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