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Old 2010-08-14, 09:39 PM   #1
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Default Digital box Closed Caption: Disappointed

My family just got a PACE digital box from SHAW.

I like most everything about it except that it puts out too much heat, and that switching closed captions on or off is a pain.

There is no button for that function on the PACE remote. (Such a button seems to found on TV remotes, but not, it seems cable boxes' remotes.).
The box needs to be turned off, then a special menu opened by pressing a key on the box itself, and closed caption options chosen.

I emailed SHAW and they said this is a common problem, and they'd been trying for some time to get PACE to change their boxes to allow the remote to switch the CCs on or off.

What do people think about this issue?
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maybe it's not too late to trade it back for a DCX3400 Moto
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I wonder if the trick we use with the 8300s would work with the Pace. The mute on the 8300 does not affect the digital audio out, so if you are using HDMI to connect to the TV, set the CC option for "On when muted" and then you can use the Mute function as a CC toggle.
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Old 2010-08-15, 03:06 PM   #4
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Thanks for the replies!

I do connect the cable box to the TV using HDMI. But the Pace box doesn't have an option for turning CC on with its remote's mute button (that I can tell), let alone any button (I asked SHAW support whether this function was programmable on the remote: they said no).

This is the SHAW box we bought:

The remote that came with the SHAW box:
URC atlas 1055
(This remote has no CC button)


I don't think there is a solution, using this remote and box, to turn cc on or off. We'll see if I can live with that ...
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Old 2010-08-24, 05:44 PM   #5
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This annoys me too. It means that if I happen to be recording something I can't turn on closed captions because I can't turn off the machine while recording. It's quite inexcusable in these days when disability access is protected by law. I suppose if someone had the time and the cash they could take the manufacturer to court or a human rights tribunal.

If you want to complain to Pace directly:
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I was thinking of buying the pace box as well. For my dct I programed my shaw remote control to turn on close caption for my tv by using my tv's remote control code, will that work on the Pace box?
I'm not using the pace box to turn on close caption, but I'm using my tv's close caption function.
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The TV's CC only works on 480i signals via external inputs. For HD programming, the STB must do the CC.
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I've never understood why they would make it so you have to turn the box off to turn on CC. Completely ridiculous design. How could anyone even remotely think that that would be a good idea?
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Because Shaw has older equipment that won't allow the CC to be changed on the fly. Maybe the new A28 guide will allow this, but the older guide does not.

Originally Posted by ShawViewer View Post
maybe it's not too late to trade it back for a DCX3400 Moto
I just checked the manual for the DCX3400 and the PVR has to be put into standby mode to change the CC settings, so getting this receiver wouldn't make any difference.
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