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Old 2010-06-18, 09:15 AM   #16
mr weather
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Amateur radio operators have done this for years by setting up a "remote base" at some high and electrically quiet spot and remotely controlling that transceiver from their home, etc.

Yes, it's not the same as a broadcast undertaking but the concept is similar.
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OTA Forum Moderator
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Amateur radio licensing provides for a great deal of neat stuff that does not apply to the TV and Radio bands.

I'll say it again to be crystal clear with everyone - tread carefully because the routine result of unauthorized signal distribution cases is confiscation and a fine.

Regarding Slingbox, I'm taking the position for now that the status of using it to propagate an OTA antenna's signal in real time beyond the property lines is unclear. I have not heard of any proceedings to prevent it, nor to approve it.
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Old 2010-06-20, 10:41 PM   #18
El Gran Chico
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I've been using a Slingbox and OTA for several years now, and not once have a been dragged away in leg-irons.

I think what saves Sling is the limitation of just one user at a time. If there were a some high number permitted, I imagine this would face legal challenges.

I see it as sort of like calling a friend on a cell phone from a baseball/hockey/football game and telling him what's going on. If you are just talking to one guy, nobody from the home team will be searching for you with binoculars from the press box. However, if it's discovered somebody is competing against the home team's radio and tv broadcasts by rebroadcasting a cell phone call over the internet, there's a good chance they will.
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Old 2010-06-23, 10:44 AM   #19
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For Amateur radio the concept is very different, not from a technical standpoint, but from a legal one, in that there are rights issues with commercial broadcast stations, and none with Amatuer Radio, since it is excplicitly non-commercial in nature.
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Old 2010-06-30, 08:27 PM   #20
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What I've done is use GBPVR and a USB ATSC Tuner.
GBPVR has a built in web server interface, that ya can access remotely,
to remotely setup recordings and or stream live tv (or previously recorded material) back to yourself (basically a VLC plugin).

I've even accessed it from my iPhone, and streamed live tv to the phone.
Takes more playing adjusting transcoding, for the available bandwidth/latency of a cellular network versus a clean pipe to the internet, etc. but the concept works.

I would think your getting around any distribution issues also because it's web interface is password protected, so only you can access it.
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