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Default Grammar Pet Peeves

I though I would start a grammar pet peeve thread. Feel free to add your favourite posting and writing peeves. I am by no means a grammar expert and my spelling is getting atrocious the older I get. But I notice more and more that the quality of writing in newspapers and blogs is really dropping.

My first and most noticed complaint is that most people posting in the various forums I visit, is the no one seems to differentiate between 'to' and 'too'. I know it seems trivial but in reality they're 'two' very different meaning.
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dammit u beat me too it i cant beleive this lolz my mom is a teacher. so she get mad at me everytime i talk or right badly lolz

most people posting in the various forums I visit, is the no one seems to differentiate between 'to' and 'too'.
Spell check!

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I guess some people just don't no that their is a difference.
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Your vs You're
Their & there

Spelling things like your texting. Using numbers instead of letters.
EG what r u up 2. OK when your texting, when you have a full keyboard please type properly.
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But I notice more and more that the quality of writing in newspapers and blogs is really dropping.
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Talking me 2

i h8 peepl hu rite lyk this an cant typ an yus no caps an hav bad grama
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Originally Posted by wgauci View Post
is th(at) no one seems to differentiate between 'to' and 'too'. I know it seems trivial but in reality they're 'two' very different meaning.
Tiger Woods suffers from this(based on hearing about his "sexts")
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where, wear, were, we're and ware
through, threw
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Pet peeve #1: its and it's

Pet peeve #2: "I should of done that..." instead of "I should have done that..."
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Using loose instead of lose.
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I agree with sharpnfuzzy; that one drives me up a wall.

Before I started using Firefox, one word I always spelled wrong was definitely. It took a while to train myself not to type definately, but Firefox's built-in spell checker has slowly managed to change my ways.

The one I always laugh at is when someone tries to correct another person's grammer.

On a final note, one thing that I can never get used to (even though it's technically correct) is the phrase in-built. I've always said something is built-in and thus, I always thought it was the right way to refer to it.
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Effects in place of affects.

Allot in place of a lot.
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In emails, my boss doesn't put a "." at the end of paragraphs, only at the end of sentences inside the paragraph.

Also, prolly instead of probably.

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The use of the non-word irregardless.
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