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Default Moving from Sympatico to Rogers, any way to convert email account?

HI folks

In a month we're moving to a brand new apartment that is not serviced by Bell. Currently, we are with Bell for internet and phone, and Rogers for cable.

We both have email addresses that we use. Is there any way to convert that to a hotmail account so we don't lose it when our Bell service is terminated, or do we just have to go through the pain of trying to contact everyone?

I called Bell to see if we could pay to keep the email address for a while to make sure we don't miss anything, but the person I talked to said it's not possible.
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Your pretty much out of luck. These guys never want to make switching easy.

Best thing to do is create a gmail type account immediately and use that as you permanent address. Get people sending it to you right away so you can quickly assess if you've forgot to notify anyone.
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How do you access your email right now? Do you use the web MSN/Sympatico client or do you use a computer based client like Outlook Express?

If you use a computer based client (desktop client) then you don't have anything to worry about as the emails are on your computer and not stored on Sympatico's web.

However, if you are using MSN then you are in for a little work. You'll have to download and install a desktop client like Thunderbird from Mozilla. Then you'll have to tweak the profile settings to 'download' all your email to your computer. Once you have the email on your computer you can decided if you want to continue using the desktop client or upload that email to another web service like Gmail or whatever Rogers offers.

Don't despair too much there is hope for your email. Oh, and don't forget your contacts too, they are usually stored separately.
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Add a little blurb on your signature and enable the automated notification for whichever e-mail client you're on now so at the very least the (non-spam) people contacting you will know your e-mail account will be changing.

Using a webmail account that's independent of the ISP you're using is also a good idea, as hugh suggested.
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Does Sympatico still have dial up only accounts? If so, you could keep that one going for a while and have your new email account pull mail from it. Some, such as Google and Rogers/Yahoo can do this. As soon as you get your new email account set up, configure your "reply to" address to use it, even if replying from the Sympatico account. Also, send the new address to everyone you want exchange email with. When you do that, create a "vCard" with all your new info and attach that to the message, to make it easy for the recipients to add it to their address book.
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