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Default MTS vs. Shaw in Winnipeg: Is there a clear leader?

I am very close to a decision on a new HDTV, leaning heavily toward the Panasonic 58V10. I currently subscribe to MTS Standard Definition -- what they are calling Classic TV -- but would consider other options if they were proven to be a clear improvement.

With the goal being to get High Definition sometime late this year / early next year, first on one TV then on another, I'm looking for an objective non-biased opinion on which is the better service in Winnipeg, MTS or Shaw, with respect to offerings, pricing and customer service. And clarity of communication, which is not always a given, unfortunately.

Many thanks to all on this forum for your continued input and valued expertise.
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Well, MTS' Ultimate TV package has HD channels Shaw doesn't offer such the Hifidelity Pack, CBC NN HD, and all Sportsnet HD feeds among others. MTS' service also features whole-home pvr, the only provider in Canada with this service I believe. Anyway I recommend you check out both Shaw and MTS forums to see what people say and for more info.
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recroom, I am a Shaw HD customer. I just activated my Pace Summit last week and I am still forming my impressions of Shaw HDTV. Although Shaw is missing a few HD channels, their HD serviceability footprint is much wider than MTS.

My parents live in a few hundred metres outside the City limits in East St Paul (but within the Perimeter Hwy). They still are not serveable for any MTS TV service, so they are still hanging in with Bell TV on a series of Customer Loyalty retentions offers.

I would like them to consolidate their home phone, high speed data and TV service with one provider. Right now, Shaw is claiming that their home is not Digital Phone serviceable.
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Default MTS Would Be a Better Choice for Your Area

I had shaw service before. Now I am switching to MTS. Their HD quality is the same.

However, Shaw will keep on increase their price without giving you any explanation. My phone started at $19.99 six months later it's $36.99. Cable and internet starting at $55, six month later they jumped to $85. When you call their resp. You waited for over half an hour before talking to someone.

One time my house has an outage. After that the phone doesn't work at all. We checked all the line and didn't know why. We had to call shaw tech. They had to reset their system at their end. People tried to call us but can for half of the day. But shaw did nothing to compensate us.
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Well MTS is still working on rolling out their HDTV service to all areas of the city, but if it's available in your area you might want to try it out. If it's not available yet, i'm sure it will be soon enough.
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