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Originally Posted by majortom View Post
Rick, et al.
Did you guys mention the type of LNBF you're using with your small antennas?
A high quality LNBF can also make all the difference in the world. Especially if it's an older model, several years old. After your dish size (Antenna gain) & Alignment, your next shot for improvement would be the overall system Noise Figure Of your system, in which the LNBF would play an important role.

At least that's how I see it. Glad to hear you at least know it's functioning now.
I think that Claro Mux is a fairly new provider meant for Carribean? All Spanish stuff ya can tell that much.
Speaking of LNBF, make sure you guys tweak the skew AND focal point of the LNBF itself once the dish itself is aligned to the desired satellite. People often forget to adjust the skew (twist LNBF left or right on holder) or adjust the focal point (push LNBF in or out on holder). You will be surprised how much difference in signal strength this adjustment can make. Also, it is a good idea to check both horizontal and vertical channels when adjusting the skew as you need to find the "sweet spot" where both horizontal and vertical transponders come in the strongest.
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Default rookie question [sorry]

I was given a ViewSat2000 'Extreme' receiver and a DirecTV dish. Will the dish be suitable for AMC21? Since I live well north of Toronto I have no hope of receiving PBS off air from Buffalo and I have read its available Free to Air?

thanks folks
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Your receiver will not get all the PBS channels/feeds since its not dvb-s2 compatible. Can't say about the dish thought but you might need a larger one.

Cheers, K
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Not all the PBS channels are S2, he would be able to get PBS World, Create, and VeMe. Not sure if that receiver is high def or not but the generic east and west HD PBS feeds are not S2 either.
Motorized 90cm/AzBox Elite HD/MicroHD for Ku FTA; CM-4228HD for OTA; Bell TV
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