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With regards to using a "relatively small" (e.g. 2G) card:
Originally Posted by Gino Cerullo View Post
No! Your nüvi probably already has 2GB of storage, and you're approaching that limit already, and maps make up about 85%–90% of what is stored on your device.
This assumes that you want to move the entire map from the internal storage to a card. As I've already mentioned, you can split a map between internal storage and a card. In this case, a low capacity card may be sufficient to hold the "overflow". I'm currently using a 1G card.

However, the cost of cards is quite low these days, so paying the extra for a larger card may be worth it for future-proofing.
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" Since the cards use the FAT32 file system I would suggest a 4 GB card and no bigger since the FAT32 file system has a 4 GB file size limit anyway. "

I don't think its limited to 4 GB, Garmin's FAQ says up to 16 GB. I'm using a 16 GB card where I have stored 2 additional maps, plus music with no problems whatsoever. Also, I'm way past 4 gigs on the card.

edit: did some research, and a FAT32 file system can hold up to 2 or 16 TB depending on the sector size. However, as Gino points out a single file (e.g. map) can be a maximum of 4 GB, so if you are only storing a single map, 4 GB card is the maximum you need. If you want to store more than one map, music, etc, it may be worth it to get bigger.
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