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Default Speculation: "Up next for Apple TV: Networked cable television"

Chicago (IL) - A suspicious lack of Apple TV-related announcements at the MacWorld Expo last month could mean either that Apple is phasing out its set-top box or preparing to take its "hobby" business to the next level.

Interesting thought. An Apple TV with an ATSC tuner and/or PVR capabilities.
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The idea actually seems to be helped along by the economic downturn. CNN reports that the trend is growing not just among tech-saavy early adopters but now among the budget-conscious as well.
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Just come across the ATV (which maybe shows to the lack of marketing on the device) but one of the attractions was low cost to bring my PC mp3 library to my stereo.

Adding a tuner then the large HDs associated with PVRs will definitely up the costs but guess as is, the ATV isn't flashy enough to keep selling.
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I have it and love it. although i drank the MAC koolaid about a year ago.
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I've got one a few months back, and the more I use it, the more I like it. At first I thought it was kind of limited with too many hoops to jump through to get my media up to my home theatre. But I think I "get it" now... let it do what it does and it works very well and am very happy with it now.
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